Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Brighton Beach Boys :

I feel compelled to rant about this awful Shite.

The Flyer was for last nights performance which i overheard.

Look at them.Fucking Failures.

"Is it necessary to use such foul language ?"

Yes it fucking is.Fuck Off.

"I dont like swearing !"

Tough Shit because i do.

Dont give up your day jobs if you have one but if this is your day job then please find another that doesnt create needless and pointless noise pollution or next time play somewhere else so that i dont have to listen to it because it was so loud that i had to play my own music to block out theirs and just because i am not paying to hear it doesnt mean that i want to fucking hear it or even tolerate it.


Look at the cliched tacky amateurish faux-psychedelic artwork done by an amateur design monkey.

What is the significance of the wind up gramophone ?

Its out of date you Morons.Wrong Era.Technology had actually moved on from gramophones by the mid to late sixties.

Fucking cliched revisionist garbage.

"The Psychedelic Love Orchestra"

"Back by popular demand "

Back by popular demand indeed.

Pets Sounds vs SgtPepper !!

Its not as if it was ever a competition was it.

How can they be in a competition with themselves ?

My God though they perform "LIVE" !! Honestly !! They really do !! LIVE !! ON STAGE !!

I know this because the flyer says so and i had to listen to it.

So what ?

Popularity doesnt mean that something is very good.A lot of Moron Sheeple will watch and enjoy anything.

The Beatles were a four piece band.

The Beach Boys were a five piece.

The Brighton Beach Boys can comprise of up to 15 members.

Even with 15 members they just sabotage every song they cover.

Since when were The Beach Boys psychedelic ?

Since never thats when.

This is the worst amateurish shit that i have heard in a long time that totally misses the point.

They cant even play a set without an interval.A fucking interval !!! FFS !!! Just play the fucking songs and get it over with then you can pack up all your shit and then Fuck Off.

Then when they finally packed up their crap it made a racket at 1 AM





Theres no harmonies in your performance you useless pieces of shit.

The Beach Boys sung in harmony.



"Oh we are all so happy and so easily pleased and having such a good time !!"

"Its such good fun !!!!!"

"I am so easily pleased !!"

I suppose it is if you have average or below average intelligence.

I cant fucking stand people sometimes.

You get the idea.

Get a fucking drummer that can actually play the time signature of the song they are covering.Get a fucking drummer that is competent enough to play the songs at the right pitch instead of some fucking one size fits all lazy assed incompetent shit that reminds me of one of those wind up kids toys that is a wind up monkey that claps 2 symbals together until it finally runs out of steam.Perhaps thats the reason for the interval so they can wind up the drummer again before the next half of the performance.

I could play every one of those fucking songs with the correct time signature and pitch and feel [which is something they will never understand] that would piss all over the useless Cunt of a drummer and i dont even play in any band.

A lot of the fuckers that paid to see these morons were all milling around outside.

What is the point in that ?

I think i know why but i cant be certain.

Fuck Off you shallow load of fucking Guardian reading Cunts.

Fucking Festival Crap.

Papers should stay out of music because i hate broadsheet music reviewers because they are lust a load of journalistic Whores who have got nothing of any worth to say about any music .

The world wouldnt exactly be worse off without them would it ?

I like the way that one of the reviews says that "which not even the Beatles attempted live".

Did you get that ?

Attempted !!

They wrote the fucking song so i am pretty certain that they wouldnt have had to "attempt" anything.They would just play it but they *chose* not to and thats a bit different to implying that the Beatles wouldnt dare to "attempt" to play it live or couldnt play it live.


John : "Shall we have a go at Sgt Pepper at tonights gig like ?"

Paul : Are you being serious like ? I cant play those chords on stage as i will get them wrong i just know it !!"

Ringo : dont know about that like cos i am the one who has to keep the fucking beat like and its not easy .."

If only the Beatles could have been transported forwards in time to last last nights Brighton Beach Boys gig to see for themselves that the song could indeed be played live.They might have learnt something.

Never mind it was just an Evening Argus reviewer.

What a pointless existence that must be.

Anyway i feel better now as that was like an exorcism.


  1. 1) There were six Beach Boys on Pet sounds.

    2) Both albums had many more than four, five or even fifteen musicians.

    3) How does a drummer 'play at the right pitch'?

    4) One 'C' in 'symbal.'

  2. You should join the band, with 15 of the cunts one more won't make much difference.

  3. If it weren't for this blog, which is clearly medicinal, I'm afraid you would be a bit of a drag on the NHS me old china