Friday, 22 May 2009

Fixated Threat Assesment Centre :

The highly secretive Fixated Threat Assesment Centre was set up in 2006 by New Liebour to monitor individuals who are obsessed with public figures and who may be mentally unstable and for various reasons may be considered a risk if they are not brought to the attention of the authorities and assessed by the FTAC to determine that risk.

I heard reports recently of a contributor to the UK Column who was sent a letter by his GP requesting a session with his GP on behalf of the FTAC and all because the contributor stated in articles that Jacqui Smith is a Communist.

It all seems rather Stalinist to me that a Politician is able to abuse the system and potentially remove someones rights and potentially detain them for stating a fact however its routine for Jacqui Smith to abuse the system so theres nothing of interest to see here apart from some very very serious implications.

I am not obsessed with Jacqui Smith as i only write about her because i have to and i try to spend as little time as possible thinking about her.Why would i want to pollute my own psyche with Jacqui Smith and her ugly unpleasent face when there are much more pleasent things to think about ? In my opinion you really would have to have mental health issues to be "fixated" [walls covered in pictures and news clippings] about Jacqui Smith.Personally i cant stand the sight of her and i just wish she would Fuck Off permanently.

I just think that she is a Twat and a POS.

She should Fuck Off and take her stupid cards with her.

Everyone is a suspect with New Liebour.

That is all.

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