Saturday, 9 May 2009

Jacqui Smith :

Its so typical that this Chinless wonder is ignoring the European courts that have clearly stated that the DNA samples of approx 850,000 innocent citzens are to be removed from the DNA database at the earliest opportunity as the storage of these samples is unlawful unless there is existing legislation [most probably] that states that non criminals should be treated the same as criminals or that the 850,000 odd are potential criminals so just to play it safe the home office fronted by Jacqui Smith decides it will do what it likes anyway regardless of the superiority of the European Courts [which is one of the better aspects of the EU as it exists at the moment] which is odd because Jacqui smith should know all about that as it is New Labour that signed the Lisbon Treaty.

So if this ruling by the European courts is meaningless and irrelevant then i can only conclude that every other piece of legislation that originated in the EU and was rubber stamped by New Labour and any European Court ruling past present and future is also irrelevant ?

If so then what is the point in the signing of a Treaty by our great unelected Leader Gordon Brown if its meaningless ?

If this is the case which it must be because Jacqui Smith thinks that she can pick and choose and say we will uphold this ruling but we would rather not uphold or recognise another because it doesnt suit our own personal agenda.Its rather like cherry picking legislation and just for once when the European Courts do some good in terms of overuling UK legislation she chooses to ignore it or behave like a stubborn belligerant child .

How typical.

Jacqui Smith and New Labour have never understood concepts like Privacy,Consent,Fairness,Liberty and the concept of Innocent until proven guilty that which the entire legal system in the UK is founded on or rather was until New Labour subsequently passed so much legislation that has eroded and undermined this principle that it barely exists anymore.

Much less do they understand the concept of debate especially public debate.

In any case the existing UK legal system doesnt have superiority over EU legislation or EU court rulings anyway which goes straight back to the initial topic of this post and i now find myself going around in circles.

Its very ironic though that this political party that is mostly comprised of ex student radicals and left wing activists and campaigners etc etc who spent their younger days campaigning or demonstrating against "The Man" and were all about standing up for the little person have actually become that which they should despise ?

I suppose it has something to do with the fact that as long as its their own left wing political agenda that is being imposed on everyone including the Monolithic EU which is nothing more than a form of Collectivism then its all OK because they always think that they know best or rather the state should interfere ,monitor,and control every aspect of everyones life because its so much more "efficient" that way.

Talking of which since when did the military start working for the state instead of for the Crown and the upholding of the UK constitution ?

Time to remove the tried old antiquated concept and legal definition of a constitution and replace it with something more "Progressive".I have the same reaction to the word "Progressive" these days as a vampire does with exposure to sunlight or Crucifixes.

It doesnt take a great deal of imagination to know what their reaction would be if it was a right wing government in the UK that was passing god knows how many new articles of legislation that attacked civil liberties and what their reaction would be if the creation of a monolithic Totalitarian EU superstate was outwardly right wing in its political outlook instead of Left .

Actually the EU is a legacy left over from Nazi Germany in principle in the sense that the Nazis wanted the dissolution of nation states so they could be taken over as that is why they were rampaging all over Eastern Europe and France etc.The Nazis were talking about this 50 yrs ago.They failed initially but the EU is all about political,economic and military integration so in that aspect there is very little difference between saying that the EU is for the "Common good" or saying that the EU is culminating in the creation of The Fourth Reich.Treaties instead of Tanks.

Obviously this is looking at it in a very simplified way but if you look at the destruction or the signing away of sovereignty or nation states then you might be of the opinion like i am that the EU is potentially a Trojan Horse and what is hiding and waiting inside the Trojan Horse may not be a force for good in the long term.

Its obvious that its advocates will say that the creation of a benevolent benign Dictatorship is better than having to go through the tiresome rigmarol of elections ,political parites,debates,voting etc and the antiquated and outdated and outmoded concept of left versus right which really officially does not exist anymore.

If anyone can prove that there is any real difference between David Cameron and Tony Blair and Gordon Brown then please present the evidence and i will do my best to disprove the claim or be pleasently surprised to find i am wrong by irrefutable evidence.

The merger between Right and Left is called Communitarianism which is a form of Collectivism or Communism for apologists or a Union between Capitalism and Marxism or Communism which is a deviation of Marxism and not true to the teachings of Marx as the apologists will say in their defence.

Its a mental disorder with no known cure.

I actually used to read living Marxism magazine as it did have some interesting articles in it and i used to know some Marxists and i even attended Living Marxism meetings out of curiosity and not because i had any kind of commitment to their cause.I gave up as i didnt like their mindset and outlook and the fact that i had to ask the "leader|" if i could ask a question.not out of politeness or anything like that but because someone else worked under the assumption that they had superiority over myself and that my need to ask a question was at their disgression.

Unnacceptable in my book and i dont ask anyone if i can ask a question.

What it should be defined as is a Kleptocracy as the very rich will be taken care of like the industrialists and Banking families etc etc and will continue to exploit and become richer while everyone else will be living under a kind of mutated form of Communism or Collectivism having sworn and signed an oath of allegience to the state or rather my fictional entity [full name and title in block capitals] did that enters my fictional entity into a binding legal contract with the state.

Anyone who says that that is bollox knows nothing about Law and doesnt know their arse from their elbow .

History repeats itself over and over again with the creation and ultimate destruction of empires.

Its not like we could have harmonisation and integration without having a monolithic government to control everything as after all big government has such an outstanding and flawless resume in that respect.

Its just the same old Bollox and human behaviour all over again as it all amounts to the same thing ultimately.

There is very little difference in right and left wing extremism as the results are equally unpleasent but yes lets go through it all over again.

I am just watching a 50 yr old political agenda unfold bit by bit.

Control - Domination - Hegemony.

Same old Shit.

As an aside the "Change" bandwagon will be coming to a town near you soon in the form of a "Conservative" election campaign fronted by David Cameron.The wheels might fall off the bandwagon before the election but i doubt it somehow.

Do you feel there is a need for unspecific - ambiguous - undefined change in the UK ?

Do you feel the need for to vote because you understand what change means or that change even if it is undefined change has to be better than No change ?

Lets all vote for change then and in doing so vote for NO change .

"I want some change ! "

"I want to vote for change even if i dont know what it is !"

"I want to vote for change and i dont know or care what it is !"

"It has to be better than Gordon Brown !"

"I want my vote to be emotional rather than political !"

"I dont know what i want but i want it now !"

"I like David Cameron as he is a nice young man and he seems trustworthy"

"I like David Cameron because he is a good speaker"

"I will vote for David Cameron because he will put British interests first "

"You wont change anything by not voting" [try not to laugh]
. . . .

"I'm voting BNP because they are the only party what will look after the Bri-ish !"

Even if by your own parties definition of "Bri-ish" to qualify you will have to be able to trace *your* ancestry right back to the stone age ?

"What you fucking tawkin abaat ? I am fucking Bri-ish and my family is Bri-ish cos we were born ere !"

What and they are not ? even though they were born here and live and work here and pay taxes ?

Anyway you cant reason with thick people.

Its funny that when the BNP present there own childish historically revisionist view of the UK and immigration that the previous invasions of the British Isles or "These islands in the North Atlantic" as they choose to call the UK by the Vikings or Norsemen for example "enriched" the UK.

Coincidence ??


Apart from the fact that "These Islands In The North Atlantic" is a bit too much of a mouthful and ignoring the fact that it is geographically incorrect this term of description or name or whatever was created by someone specifically to please the Irish who didnt want to be associated with the UK in the 1930s.

The BNP are too stupid to realise this of course or at least recognise that it is contradictory to their own beliefs.

Want proof that there is a political party or ideaology that is even more stupid than Liberalism or Communism or the Far Left then the BNP are the proof.They are the Far Right of course but a very stupid version of it.

This doesnt imply that the far right are intrinsically more stupid than the Far Left because in my own not very humble opinion the Left have stupidity levels that are even higher if you take the example of the cultural revolution in China and the creation of the USSR or the actions of Stalin and Lenin in particular into consideration.

BNP Manifesto :

"Everyone in the UK will grow their own vegetables"

"Everyone will eat roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings and overcooked Cabbage on Sundays"

"We will work to reintroduce quaint English Colloquialisms back into the English language

Like :

"Terrible weather were avin"

"Cor blimey Guvnor !"

"Wheres my Bacon and Eggs !"

"I aint eatin none ov tha far - Inn Muck !"

"You knew where you were in them days".

"We also promise to revitalise the British seaside holiday and reintroduce saucy seaside postcards"

"We want a return to the values and principles of post war and 1950s and 1960s Britain."

I bet they wont get rid of Curry houses though.

"I love avin a few pints and a curry.I fuckin love it !"

"We uphold the right of the British to behave disgracefully abroad because its part of their rich cultural heritage".

The BNP want to pay every immigrant money to leave and pay their travel expenses as well.

This is what springs up when there is a power vacaum and no real political opposition.

UKIP and the Libertarian party need to step up their act .UKIP dont have a political manifesto apart from the obvious and the BNP are the product of a dysfunctional political system/government and a dysfunctional country that has disenfranchised huge numbers of the voting population.

More on the BNP later.

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