Sunday, 22 March 2009

Battlefield site:

The pictures are in reverse order so what i thought was the third picture [Windover Hill] is now the first picture.

The L/H side of the 3rd picture is a battlefield site although it has to said that the excact point where the battle took place is unknown but the "consensus" says that it took place within the area of Offham Hill which is in the picture.

To the left of the picture next to Nevill Road is a very old footpath that runs through the trees.It is while walking through this footpath during the day and at night that i have noticed a very odd atmosphere at times.Its like something in the air changes where all noise seems to stop and there is a stillness in the air that feels unnatural.Its almost like being somewhere were time seems to stop and i am in the past and the present at the same time.

This may not make any sense if you are not psychic or hypersensitive to these things like i am.Cats and dogs are exactly the same in this respect.

The second picture is Mount Caburn just outside Lewes.One night while driving past at night with a friend i had to stop the car to watch some sort of ghostly reenactment of a torchlit procession that was winding its way round the side of the hill towards the top.The lights of lots and lots of burning torches were clearly visible until they faded away.

I am talking about the centre of the picture were a hillfort type thing is visible.

The first picture is Windover Hill above the Long Man of Wilmington in the centre of the picture.I have spent a few nights up there and one night i was up there when i just got a very strong feeling that i was being watched to the point of it being slightly annoying and irritating and i kept seeing what looked to be small indistinct black objects flying around the area where we were camped out with a fire etc.I had to shut up about it because i was unnerving the other two i was sitting around the fire with.

I get this sort of thing a lot .

I always used to notice it in the grounds of Battle Abbey and the battlefield.

I had a Xmas day lunch in the restaurant once next to the abbey gates in Battle which is reputed to be haunted with family etc.I ate the same as everyone else but i started to get chest pains that slowly got worse and worse as the day went on to the point that when i was back at home and lying on the floor in the lounge i felt like an Alien was going to explode out of my chest.Absolute complete agony.It wasnt food poisoning or anything else like that and no one else was ill.In the end i had to lie on the bed and eventually passed out with the pain .I woke up hours later and felt fine as if nothing had happened.

I am certain it wasnt heart problems and always wondered if it was something to do with the haunted restaurant.

Very very weird indeed.

There were large parts or particular locations in the woods in Hastings [St Helens Woods] that i used to live right next to that had a very particular feel to them as well that was very similar.This seems to happen to places that have never been disturbed so an atmosphere is somehow generated that feels old.It depends if you can tune into the vibration of the place and feel it.

I have noticed a very strong psychic feeling or atmosphere or vibration in various places in London and Holland Park that i lived next door to for a while years and years ago .I used to go for walks in it [after dodging all of the gays that hung around along the alleyway/footpath next to it] at night just to soak up the atmosphere.It is known for having a very strong psychic pull to it in various articles that i have read about it.

Another location which has a very noticable vibration that feels very old is around the vicinity of the Monument in the city of London.

Another location that had a bit of a weird vibe is around the Spitalfields area .I noticed this particularly where half of the market site was being excavated in preparation for footings of buildings.A lot of interesting stuff was uncovered when that happened and i looked through the fence into the mud where different stratas where visible with bones mixed in .I felt a sort of contaminated unclean vibe that was unpleasent as if i was feeling something to do with the Great Plague as there are plague pits all over the place in London.

This was particularly noticable in the field where i sighted the Black Dog years ago.We used to call it the "Old" field because it just felt very old.There was something about it.

Nothing compares to Kingley Vale in West Sussex which is the oldest or largest Yew tree forest in Europe.Thats like walking into another world and feels magical.I must spend a couple of nights there soon.

The closest possible way to describe this sense is that it is similar to the senses of taste and smell.Each place has its own unique vibration which is almost like a taste.

Its very difficult to describe in words.

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