Sunday, 22 March 2009


I am not talking to myself here as certain people know what i am talking about.

Attacking Zionism is NOT about Racism or Anti-|Semitism.

Its about Religion and Politics and Greed.

Get A Fucking Clue why dont you ???

Its injustice and i cannot stop myself reacting to it.

I Will not be silenced just because some fucking idiots dont know what the fuck they are talking about less than they understand what the fuck i am talking about.

You can all go and do as much muck flinging as you fucking well like but it wont stick.

I wouldnt have to even post this if i wasnt dealing with Fucking Idiots.

If they were English or Scottish or any fucking race or nationality or whatever i would be saying exactly the same thing about them.It just happens that they are Jewish but i attack them for their actions and NOT their Race .

They bring it on themselves and i am not going to sit back and say nothing when i see cruelty greed and injustice and most of all HATE.

If you defend them then you yourself are defending Hatred and Racism by default.

Get A Fucking Clue .

I will defend myself Vociferously against accusations of Anti - Semitism and if you dont know what that means then look it up in a fucking dictionary or alternatively call me a fucking Anti - Semite again and you will find out what the fucking word means because i will demonstrate.

This might all be a game to you but it is to me as well because i enjoy it.

Try living in and facing reality instead of your distorted auto-reactionary politically correct shallow little bubble that you live in for once.

I havent even started yet.

Fucking little cunts are lucky they are out of my reach.

Free Speech .I know you dont like it so tough shit.

Fucking little politically correct opinion/speech Nazis.

Fuck you.

Typical fucking Lefties.The same every Fucking time.....

Unless they are Zionists then its the same every time as well.


  1. Why don't you grow up?

  2. It must be the trigger words that you are reacting to.