Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Nearly every other music video that i have clicked on this evening on Youtube has been removed for the stated reason that it is not available in my country which is fucking stupid because the the fucking music was released in this country so of course its available in this fucking country as i could go into a music shop and buy the fucking thing if i wanted to.There seems to have been a massive purging of material today courtesy of entertainment conglomerates going by various Acronyms now including EMI which is a first as the worst offender so far is WMG.Downloads courtesy of themselves and ITunes are available worldwide so what is the fucking problem with a Youtube video ?.

For example The Rolling Stones - Shattered - The video that i had in my list of favorites because it was "Not available in my country" so i find an identical video that somehow is available in my country and click on that instead.

Its totally pointless and it seems to be completly arbitary as quite often when this happens i just search for an identical video so removing videos because WMG or EMI have a hissy fit and panic attacks over falling revenue achieves nothing except creating bad feeling on the part of myself and other music fans.

They must have an army of Youtube video removal monkeys working for them but its hopeless because another video will replace it but anyway dont look for logic where there isnt any.

Since the videos dont generate any income for those who uploaded them and WMG etc are not losing revenue because of a Youtube video then i fail to see any justification for this typoe of action other it being sour grapes.

Why they do not do the obvious thing which other smaller labels do which is having their own channel with all their music available as a form of promotiion is completely beyond me.

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