Friday, 14 January 2011

Goodbye Burlesconi :

Every so often the power elites decide to sacrifice one of their own for the good of the cause and this time its Burlesconi.Its unknown to me exactly what is going to happen but its looking more and more certain and without doing more digging around i can only speculate as to why but one thing is for sure Burlesconi is not playing the elites game to the point where an asset becomes a liability so its time for the sacrifice.

This also happens to create the illusion among the people that Burlesconi and others like him who have gone the same way over the years that Burlesconi is an isolated corrupt politician that needs to be dealt with to demonstrate that the system isnt inherently corrupt which it is.The people need to be shown that their is some justice within the political system to perpetuate the illusion and those that are sacrificed are either unimportant/insignificant or like i said they are assets that are no longer useful.

I am expecting Obama to go the exact same way once he is past his sell by date which is already happened along with many other heavyweights in the Democ-Rat party.

Others like GW Bush who was no longer useful arent sacrificed because the Bush[Schiff] family are too far up the top of the power elite food chain so they are just put out to pasture where they end their days out of the way nice and quiet.

In the case of Obama he is either playing golf or on vacation and whatever else and he is only active when doing public appearences and speeches but thats as far as it goes.Its just ridiculous how much time Obama has spent playing golf or on vacation and it was decided very early on that his wife was a complete liability because of her views and rhetoric which were an embarressment and were too inflamatory so you never very much at all of Michelle Obama and what does she care ?? as she is only too happy to live like royalty off the back of the taxpayer courtesy of her husbands position.

Its the same when the odd disgraced politician goes to jail for fiddling expenses or whatever as its all for public consumption which is why i say they are sacrificed.

This may well have something to do with Burlesconis connections with the Mafia in Italy and it might turn out that the successor to Burlesconi is a lot less sympathetic to the Mafia or friendly with and at some point in the near future there might well be a purge of the Italian Mafia on behalf of the international banking Mafia who own and control the EU because at present they are losing revenue.

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