Friday, 14 March 2008

Brighton council strike again :

Why does something like a recycling and rubbish collection service have to be a complicated convoluted disorganised mess ?

Brighton council run the service thats why.

Banning of dogs on all of the beaches throughout the summer ? They must be fucking joking.I couldnt give a toss myself well i do but what i mean is if i want to go for a walk on the beach and a swim in the sea then thats what i will do as i dont acknowledge their petty by laws .What a bloody liberty ! bollox to them i will do exactly as i like and if they dont like it then they will have to try and stop me.Best of luck to them .They will need lots of it.

This happened with one of their jobsworths on hove promenade which is as wide as a road because i was cycling on it. "NO CYCLING !! OFF THE BIKE !! ITS A 100 POUND FINE !! "

"I'm sorry , how much for what ? "

"A 100 pound fine for cycling here ! "

"Well i tell you what then , I dont care how much the fine is as i wont pay it anyway so why dont you go and annoy someone else ? have a nice day and see you later "

I just get sick and tired of these idiots telling you what to do all the time especially when it us who pay their wages anyway.

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