Friday, 24 February 2012

Where has the troll gone ?

Where is the anonymous troll who had so much to say recently* ??

Whats up then ??

I am missing the comments from the troll who seems to think he knows me on a first name basis which i found annoying as i dont like that kind of familiarity from someone i hope that i dont know.Someone from the forum was asking questions a short while back regarding wether or not i was still active there + while i dont know for sure who it was i have my suspicions and i noticed a distinct similarity between those comments that were left and the latest comments that i had to moderate very recently.I am trained to notice these kinds of things and i really really hope that it isnt who i think it is i really do......

Anyway its interesting how when i deprive the troll a public platform the comments stop which is exactly why i did it as i understand the psychology involved with trolls as they have very predictable behaviour patterns.

I say that simply because of the persistant multiple comments but there wasnt anything of interest that was said.So much to say while saying nothing............

Useless loser inadequate.

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