Sunday, 4 October 2009

Stupid Irish Fucks :

I can accept the fact that they voted yes in principle but it was an uninformed and ignorant vote and a vote that was heavily influenced by economics and bought off with lies and silver tongued politicians and Monnet professors/advocates that are rife and scaremongering from the voteYes brigade plus that idiotic ignorant fat ugly Prick Brian Cowan.

Not to mention Dick Roche who is sellout slime who like to slander people like myself by saying that i/we come from the same gene pool as the BNP .

As far as i can tell this comment was directed at No voters also but its really all about sellout career politicians wanting to keep hold of their fat paychecks and privelages provided for them by taxpayers who endlessly pay ever increasing amounts of cash into a financial black hole that has not been audited in 15 yrs.

The other point in this is they had built their economy upon EU development loans and low tax rates and foreign/big business but their economy crashed the same as everyone elses so they had no choice but to cling to the security blanket that is the EU in the hope of more loans but the problem is they have no control over their own tax rates anymore because thats one of many a multidude of things that they just signed away so when EU unilateral tax rate harmonisation happens in the near future the very thing that was the incentive to attract foreign investment and big business will be removed so there goes their economy if the EU wide Corporate tax rates are unfavorable to the aforementioned big business and if so then given the nature of big business and globalisation then Ireland might not seem such an attractive country to invest in.

11 budget surpluses in a row until 2009 which resulted in a 22 billion defecit.

This is an example of how Bankers work.Get the individual or country into debt and dependant on loans with strings attached and snared in a trap and then they own and control entire countries.

Its also a vote of no confidence in the govt because people were fed up with the incompetents that they voted for so they think that the grass will be greener on the other side by being ruled by Germans instead but i dont think that this will be the case.Time will tell......

Its also a historic event and i do have reason to believe that this election was deliberately timed to coincide with a country and people that are somewhat under duress like everyone else is with the economic and employment situation what with people having serious concerns about their jobs and future.


The legal reassurances that were the concessions given to Ireland in return for the second referendum were not finalised or attached to the Lisbon Treaty at the time of the yes vote being announced.

Wether these are going to be added later or wether the fact these legal articles were not attached at the time of ratification which i assume is as soon as a yes vote is announced makes them redundant i have no idea right now.

No self respect and no pride and a voting mass that celebrates its own collective stupidity after it has sold itself out to a Napoleon/Reich dictatorship.

What happened to the fighting Irish ?

Some of these ignorant and un/misinformed and cowardly Irish actually think that the recession they are suffering right now was caused by voting No in the last referendum !

Absolute stupidity.

So wave goodbye to your own voting power and influence and just about everything else because you have condemned yourself to being an insignificant uninfluential and powerless backwater of a centralised EUSSR dictatorship and condemned everyone else in Europe to the same thing.

There goes 1000 yrs of history without even a whimper.

Sold down the river.

The reality of this stupidity will become apparent soon enough but its always tragic to watch others throw away their freedom and sovereignty.

Lets have another referendum to get a No vote !!

Too late as you have been led astray like good little sheep.You have been suckered.

You think you will be better off ?

You will be worse off as all the cash that you were having shovelled at you will now be shovelled in the direction of Turkey etc but you will be required to pay more of your own taxes to the EU each year so you will be worse off but worse of because you are throwing your own money away by giving it to one of the most corrupt organisations on the planet.

There have already been employers like Coca Cola cutting wages by 50 percent apparently.


For the record though for the benefit of all you slow witted ignorant slanderous name callers i am not against the EU in principle with integration and trade but i dont and never ever will go along with the destruction of sovereignty and collectivism which is what this is all about plus the fact its the NWO.

The EU as it is needs to be reformed before it turns into a nightmare situation.

Most dont understand what that means but you will when it starts .

Stupid Irish Traitors and Pussies.

To those that voted No then that demonstrates that at least a third of the Irish population are capable of independent critical thought and have some backbone.

Welcome to the post-democratic European Unelected Sellout Socialist Republic.

May you all reap what you have now sown.

Tiocfaidh Ar La

Having said all that there are other factors to consider :

Was the vote rigged ?

Was pencil only used on the voting cards for a reason when it should always be ink ?

I laughed when i found that one out.Pencil on voting cards ? Did alarm bells fail to go off when pencil was stipulated and not ink ? Why should a voting card be discounted if its crossed with ink ?

FFS !!

Who was doing the counting ?

Were the votecounters subjected to oversight ?

Ballot boxes left unguarded all night before the vote count the following morning ?

Ballot boxes are supposed to be delivered by Garda @ 7.00am on the morning of the voting day but this time they were delivered 48 hours prior to the election to the private residences of polling/returning officers before they were forwarded to the polling stations.

This breach of procedure was reported by a number of honest returning officers but the complaints were officially disregarded out of hand .

These were poll results that were in and counted on 2/10/2009 22.00 hrs that were taken from The Irish times :

County … Yes / No

Donegal1 35 65
Donegal2 36 63
Sligo 43 57
Mayo 38 62
Galway W 46 54
Galway E 47 53
Clare 52 48
Limerick W 44 55
Limerick E 46 54
Kerry N 40 60
Kerry S 42 57
Cork SW 44 56
Cork NW 46 54
Cork SC 45 55
Cork NC 36 64
Waterford 46 54
Tipperary S 47 53
Tipperary N 50 50
Kilkenny 50 50
Wexford 44 56
Wicklow 50 50
Kildare S 49 51
Kildare NS 55 45
Kildare N 55 45
Offaly 56 44
Longford W Meath 46 54
W Meath 44 56
W Meath 51 49
Louth 42 58
Cavan 45 55
Roscommon 46 54

Dublin Regions

How many pencil rubbers did they get through while it took them seemingly ages to count the votes up ?

Voting fraud ?? :

All i can see now from the same source is a Pie chart.Thats what you always get .Pie charts

Last minute flip-flopping of course .....

Its not who votes its who counts the votes - Stalin .

It matters not who you vote for its who we tell you that has won that really counts - Stalin .

It was a done deal and the EuroTrash were not going to let an unfavorable referendum result stop the EUSSR project.

Hitler would be proud and saluting to his 70 year old Nazi wet dream finally coming true.

There could only be one result and that was Yes.

I actually feel slightly sick after watching a video of Barosso thanking Ireland for the Yes vote and realising that i am now ruled by Barosso.

It will be Preident Blair very shortly .

I am sure that this wont be the last we will hear about this........