Friday, 24 February 2012

Where has the troll gone ?

Where is the anonymous troll who had so much to say recently* ??

Whats up then ??

I am missing the comments from the troll who seems to think he knows me on a first name basis which i found annoying as i dont like that kind of familiarity from someone i hope that i dont know.Someone from the forum was asking questions a short while back regarding wether or not i was still active there + while i dont know for sure who it was i have my suspicions and i noticed a distinct similarity between those comments that were left and the latest comments that i had to moderate very recently.I am trained to notice these kinds of things and i really really hope that it isnt who i think it is i really do......

Anyway its interesting how when i deprive the troll a public platform the comments stop which is exactly why i did it as i understand the psychology involved with trolls as they have very predictable behaviour patterns.

I say that simply because of the persistant multiple comments but there wasnt anything of interest that was said.So much to say while saying nothing............

Useless loser inadequate.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Comment moderation due to persistent anonymous troll:

Now that has gone and done it.........

Its not like i didnt second guess that you were going to continue to comment.

"Oh dear" indeed......

Now i can review the repetitive comments from the new inhouse pet anonymous troll without the comments wasting space on the page and without the troll attracting attention to itself and generally being a pest.You can post as many of your repetitive fixated comments that are an exercise in predictibility and tediousness as you like and i can then delete them.They dont take long to read as there is no content in them at all.I am surprised that you dont have a fixation over punctuation + grammer.

Think of the moderation of comments here as being a similar situation to the whole class at school having to stay behind for detention because of one or two idiots in the class who ruin things for everyone else.Or its like i am forced to deprive you of something that you like or enjoy in an effort to teach you a lesson that you so clearly are not capable of learning.Its like sending you to bed early with no TV as punishment.

Of course anyone can comment as usual as the moderation only applies to yourself and others like you who exhibit textbook identikit behavioural disorders which means that comments from normal intelligent adults will be published when they appear.........

You can still post fixated comments in reply to yourself in rapid succession as and when you feel the uncontrollable urge to do it but with no audience.I realise that it might be frustrating for you but that is the point......

You stole some of my time so you can be sure that i am going to steal more of yours.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Depressing boot fair:

There is nothing worse than going to a depressing boot fair that is full of complete trash for sale.I can walk all the way round a whole field full of cars and stalls and find absolutely nothing worth buying whatsoever and not only is it dperessing but its unfulfilling and there is this air of desperation about the stallholders which i dont enjoy.why else would someone be going to the effort of stalling out with horrible clothes and household tat that is cheap and tacky and why else would someone have a box of records for sale by recording artists as diverse as Barry Manilow and Manotavani and horrible eighties pop ??

Stalls and stalls of plastic toys and baby clothes.

I like hunting through boxes of records but you never ever ever get anything except for rare occasions and quite often when i do find something interesting it is scratched to fuck and completely useless to anyone.

The desperation is like you would find in an Eastern Bloc country except that here you casn buy a sack of potatoes or vegetables wrapped in that horrible shrink wrap and today there was someone giving away bunches of spinach.

The worst example of this was a large bootfair just outside Leeds that my mother insisted on stopping at just because she saw it going on as we drove past it.I really wish that she hadnt noticed it as it was depressing and i bought nothing and my mother was thrilled to have bought a multiple pack of those crisps that are from up North somewhere that i cant recall the name of so that was 1.5 hours i would have preferred to have wasted doing something else.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Suitable for vegetarians:

Sometimes the labelling of food as being suitable for vegetarians is absurd and pointless.

Is it really necessary to label a jar of M+S Tomato and Herb pasta sauce with that label when its self explanatory that it is suitable for vegetarians ?

Of course its suitable for vegetarians as it doesnt have meat in it stupid.Does not eating meat lower the IQ ?

[the only plausable explanation is a tomato sauce can contain meat stock]

If so then it explains why meat products are labelled as not suitable for vegetarians as if that is not obvious enough ?[if that is incorrect then its sarcasm]

Why would buy and eat meat if you are vegetarian without checking the label that confirms its not suitable for vegetarians ?

Would you eat some meat by mistake and not realise its meat unless you checked the label ?

If i buy a burger do i need to check that it contains beef ?

Do i require a label on a packet of minced beef that says "suitable for carnivores"?

If i buy a packet of GM peanuts i dont need to be told that they are suitable for vegetarians as you wouldnt expect to find any meat in a packet of peanuts and also the label tells you that "this product may contain traces of nuts" or "This packet contains nuts"|.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Proof Govt plans to privatise NHS ??

"No government minister was available for interview, but a Department of Health spokesman told Channel 4 News that it was wrong to claim the NHS was to be privatised. He said this document was quite simply about back office functions."

There is never a govt minister available for comment when you want one and they always present one of their minions to talk to you on their behalf as they are so very busy doing nothing or wrecking the UK to be available for comment or perhaps it could be read as contempt for the voting public.

Here we have a typical example of their newspeak reverse logic where privatisation is not privatisation even though it is.

So its not wholesale privatisation of the NHS as its a privatisation of its directorship which will be wholesale so its the private sector in control of the NHS while the Doctors etc are the management.The private sector directorship is described as "support" as if to make it sound like something that is benevolent and in a sense it is because the private sector directorship will be very happy to provide as much support as it can and i am certain that there will not be a conflict of interest between the needs of the private sector and the needs of the patients and i am altogether certain that private sector lobbyists were in no way involved with the NHS reforms although i may wrong about that.

What is very noticeable about the statement above is how it completely trivialises the introduction of the private sector directorship as in "back office functions".

You have to wonder what the point of this type of assinine contradictory comment is other than it being a complete denial of what privatisation is but there is a lot of this type of thing around on the part of govt and i really do have better things to do than waste time deconstructing absurd pointless official govt statements.

We are Occupy Wall St - [repeat] - We are Occupy Wall St - [repeat] -

"There is something wrong - [repeat] - There is something wrong - with the system - [repeat] - with the system"

"We are - [repeat] - We are - The Nineeynine Percent - [repeat] - The Nineeynine Percent"

"Mike check -[repeat] - Mic check - [Mic check]

They are also desperate to be heard instead of being ignored so they have to repeat everything twice - so they have to repeat everything twice.

I am not sure what 99 percent they are talking about here either as i dont want to be part of this particular 99 percent as they are a complete embarressment.

99 percent of city parks have 72.5 percent of the trees and open spaces in each city so occupy your nearest city park.

The Federal Reserve has a 99 percent share of the issuance of currency that is created out of nothing and charged to the taxpayer with interest payable so ignore that and Occupy Wall St instead.

38 degree zombie-like emails:

"Organisations like 38 degwees who are fwightening people and getting them to send emails......"

I am so disinterested in my elected non-representative representatives that i didnt even know who this Simon Burns monkey is until i was notified of this video by 38 degrees so i have to thank them for the introduction.

"38 degwees are a terrible organisation who weally should be compwetely banned and they are doing themselves a disservice with these disorganised zombielike wrants"

"How can 38 Degwees object to pwivateising the NHS ??"

Do you ever get the impression that you are treated with utter contempt by your elected non-representative representatives ??

Its a corporate/economic fascist system just like i have been saying for years now and i think finally it is beginning to sink in to everyone finally so go ahead and sign the letter like i have but it wont make any difference as they are all to continue to forward their agenda regardless of what you say about it.Everyone keeps voting for them all so the cycle just continues..........

I wouldnt even accept an apology from this corporate sellout POS muppet whore who is a complete buffoon.

I will be sure to vote Labour next time round as they will be sure to fix the problem so Labour need to get rid of Millerband as Labour need a strong charismatic party leader like Caroline Flint or EDs Balls who have the right kind of leadership qualities to reverse the decline of the Liebour party so they really need to get their act together with a whole new agenda of election promises before their next conference.The election promises need to broken once elected as a multitude of broken election pledges are guaranteed to keep the voters coming back for more again and again again.........

By all means complain and register your disapproval but be sure that you dont learn from your experience so that you keep making the same mistake over and over again.