Saturday, 31 January 2009

Trade show/Exhibition,Convention:

I will be at this show with one of the exhibitors hoping to generate some /any interest whatsoever in what i/we do and make some work contacts hopefully.

Friday, 30 January 2009


Yes we really do need another insipid female singer.We really need another identikit Dido Drone whose recorded output is nothing more than wallpaper/coffee table insipid Pish.

"Its amazing" and its here we go again time.

The song sounds like it was written by an under 12yr old.

"Finally Woken" - Go back to sleep.


She used to hang around in Brighton and used to hang around with the clubbing fraternity who i cant stand and with FatBoy Pisshead Slim who i also cant stand.I used to think it was funny the way that he smokes a cigarette.

Shallow Bint.

She isnt any oil painting.Love the side parting.

FatBoy Slim is a Dickhead.

A friends brother who is a photographer said that thet were taking photos at his house [something like that anyway] and they had to cancel the shoot because he was pissed apparently.He is Bipolar or a Manic Depressive.

Never have i been so happy to see someones music sales decline.

"I need to chill I have been up all night clubbing..."

Fuck Off.

Expensive charity shop :

My local charity shop has increased the price of its secondhand vinyl by up to 10 times.All vinyl was all 50p regardless and now some cleverdick who thinks that they know about vinyl is sticking 5 quid on some of them which is too much.I know they need money but they do get greedy for cash and scratched vinyl isnt worth a fiver.

Yes they need the money but this particular shop throws away vast amounts of the items that they are given because for some reason they are unsaleable.

I cant work it out as there is nothing wrong with any of it and i have fished around in it before and got loads of stuff out of it.

Why dont they sell this stuff off at 50p/£1 an item ?? instead of throwing it away ??

Stick it outside in boxes and say help yourself or donate.

Very wasteful.

Someone would like it or make use of it.I know i have done.

Charity shops are supposed to sell Tat and bric a brac.

Someone with little or no money might appreciate some old beaten up pots and pans or old scruffy books or anything.

This is a Marie Curie shop who do this.

I cant stand waste.Its one of my pet hates.


Liberals :

Take a look at this gross ugly POS [looks like a Pig] who is a city counciller in Los Angeles who because of new Liberal - health fascist - Nanny State laws smoking IN ONES OWN HOME is now illegal !!! and she is attempting to stop a 72 year old woman who left Germany 40 yrs ago from doing so.

She looks overweight herself.

Heres a link for the video

"She will HAVE to go outside and smoke like everyone else does..."

You might say its fair enough a she smokes 40 a day and they stink but this is the thin end of a wedge and make NO mistake about it.

Liberals in the US and the UK dont respect the fact that your home is your castle.

I do though and the Brownite Fucktard Jack Straw has relaxed the laws concerning bailiffs by giving them more rights of access.

Its not a coincidence is it ? in this climate that they will potentially cause misery to millions who are stuck in this economic climate with NO cash ? therefore opening the floodgates to criminals who can walk in and just take what they want as the vast majority of people wont be able to physically eject them from the premises.

I wouldnt mind ejecting them for them and its going to get to a point where you have to take the law into your hands and do whats right.


I am pissed at Royal Mail .I am Fucking sick and tired of playing a Lottery with them.

Will i get the package that was original artwork that i paid for from Ebay that i have STILL HAVENT GOT YET !! through my letterbox ??

Will i ??

Wont I ??

Will I ??

Wont I ??

I know the seller already and they sent it alright.

All because it wasnt sent by recorded delivery which it should have been .My fault for being complacent.This isnt the first time either.More like the 5th.5 different packages "lost"/5 different sellers over 1.5yrs.

It cant be traced now as its gone for good but if i could find whoever is responsible for it not being here and i strongly suspect dishonesty here or sloppiness which is what i call "The Human Factor" then the way i feel right now I may not be responsible for my actions.

Fucking Shit load of useless fucking cunts.

EVERYTHING gets sent by recorded delivery from now on because i am Fucking sick of this Shit.

I literally had a feeling this would happen.

Patience at an end.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I have just read one of the funniest ever comments i have ever read on a forum EVER.

Someone said that if they Google their own web content then they still get their own web content as a search result instead of someone elses identical web page/content that is listed online under a different name [therefore a different search result].

Its got something to do with Googles very intelligent search engine apparently.Its able to recognise particular patterns of letters that form recognisable words that form names,sentences,whatever really that match the words or letters that you have typed in and clicked on a search for Google to search especially for you.

This isnt coincidental .

Its deliberate.

"If i Google search my list of titles that are indexed MY list still comes up and yours doesnt !!"

Of course it does.Thats because you typed it in you Fucking Idiot.

Type the other list in as a different search and that will appear as a search result.

Margaret Beckett :

Margaret Beckett who is a member of the Fucktard "New" Labour party claims that in a years time there will be a massive demand for houses and a rise in prices.

She is either spouting in denial gibberish or its politician reverse speak or both.

She is a Liberal which means as soon as she starts uttering words its utter horseshit by default.

What will happen is the total and complete opposite.Property is already not even selling at auctions and my best advice to anyone is dont touch anything for at least a year as prices will drop further.

Bad news but good news.It all depends.

Ingrates :

Wrong choice of word in the last post.

I am lost for the exact word but i was rather thinking of a word that describes someone who is of inferior/substandard stock.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I say arent some of these multinational entertainment conglomerates getting awfully protective over their copyright by asserting it and removing videos/music from Youtube ??

Its not going to suddenly increase their revenue by removing videos.


"Lets go and pay for downloads !!"

Unfinished work :

This post is for the attention of a certain reader here who shall remain nameless

The first piece is derivative of another work by Massimo Belardinelli that featured in 2000ad in a strip called Meltdown Man.Its not that good as it was done a little while ago.There is a third piece that is similar to the second which is in a similar unfinished stage that i havent photographed yet.

This artist inspired me to start drawing myself but i havent done enough to develop my own style yet and i never set out to be totally original and Massimos art was very similar to B+W etchings so i wanted to learn a style of drawing rather than add something new and completely original to comic art.Lots of artists have started out as copyists so i dont see why this is such a big deal to some.Lots of musicians are inspired by other established musical artists so whats the big deal ?

Some are indeed Hypocrites because some rather like to talk about their acheivements and say "They are going to the New York comic con because they are developing a game etc" as its business for them yet they begrudge someone else for having a go at creating something and *try* to belittle their work because of their own baggage and issues.

Well it wont work.

There will be more and more of this [finished work] as the months go by for their enjoyment and we will see where it leads.

[lets hope that the editorial know what impartiality means and that they practice it]

Todays new comments from Gordon Brown:

I need to do more research and get the exact comments word for word but i did hear today that GB knew that the exact scenario that we are witnessing right now was always going to happen.There is another enlightening comment that i just cant think of right now but it will come back.

He has also been plugging his dream of a NWO economic system again !!

"We must sieze the opportunity to blah blah blah...".

He will start dribbling and foaming at the mouth sooner or later.

Typical Liberal.As stubborn as a Mule and just as stupid.

Where is the opposition to all this in the "New" Labour party ?

There isnt any as they are a hive mind organisation and Gordon Brown has cross party support apparently.

Back for more later.

Yes lets carry on with the same failed economic/political model or we wont see a new global economic system unless we collapse this one first and then play by their rules that they *impose*.

How about *concentrating* on this country just for once and looking after its best interests ??

Never mind what is happening over there.

I quote Gordon Brown [the new Internationalist]:

"We face a choice. We could [should] allow this crisis to start a retreat from globalisation.

It will be like turning around a supertanker
George Osborne, Conservatives

"As some want, we could close our markets - for capital, financial services, trade and for labour - and therefore reduce the risks of globalisation.

"But that would reduce global growth, deny us the benefits of global trade and confine millions to global poverty.

"Or we could view the threats and challenges we face today as the difficult birth-pangs of a new global order - and our task now as nothing less than making the transition through a new internationalism to the benefits of an expanding global society - not muddling through as pessimists but making the necessary adjustment to a better future and setting the new rules for this new global order."


He said: "As the downturn spreads across the world, we are, for the first time, seeing cross border flows growing more slowly than domestic flows. And we are seeing banks favouring domestic lending over foreign lending.

"This is a trend which must be halted if we are to avoid the risk of a damaging worldwide spiral of deleveraging and deglobalisation - with adverse consequences for all economies."

If these are the difficult birth pangs of a new global order then you can be sure that when the baby finally drops then it will be agonising.What will happen if the birth of the baby has to be induced ?

I dont even want to think about it.

It sounds like the baby should have been aborted much much earlier on but its never too late.

If you apply the rule of reversing the politician globalist speak then this could mean that globalisation is going to be scrapped.

Lets hope so as its globalisation that is partly to blame for this mess.

"A better future" translated or reversed means a worse future.

The cause of the problem claims to be the solution providing that he gets to choose the solution that furthers the agenda.

"And we are seeing banks favouring domestic lending instead of foreign.." !!!

FFS !!

Thats what we want isnt it ??

Banks lending to UK based business to help their cashflow or even start them is a bad idea ??

If he hadnt just given the money away to banks without conditions and constraints then half of this fucking mess wouldnt be happening now.

Whats the point of a UK bank lending to SE Asia in a recession for example ??

What is the fucking point of that in a recession ??

Invest in the UK and buy British you dumb fucking idiot !!

"cross border flows growing more slowly..."

Just call it overseas/foreign investment.Stupid jargon.To or from.

Who wants to invest in the UK with this fucking idiot running things ??

Foreign investment into the US has fallen since the elections.Not just because of a downturn but because of Obama.

Lets have some of that and keep some of our money in this country and keep investment in the UK just for once.

Over half of the US bailout cash has already gone overseas already !!


Globalism doesnt stop poverty.It just moves it around.There is poverty [mass foreclosures on homes because of loss of employment that went overseas] in the US because of Globalism.

Tent cities in the US en masse !!

This is the fucking idiot that gets someone who was in secure employment in the UK for a financial services company ,a bank ,or a credit card company ,to train a foreign worker [an Indian in this case] to do their job and then promptly move that job overseas resulting in unemployment for the UK? employee.

Well that really does make sound economic and business sense doesnt it ?

Thats really great for the UK.

Thats Globalism or an aspect of it.

The UK is already bust.

How can this incompetent , obsessed Moron run the UK when he is more interested in creating a NWO ??

Still lets not be "Pessimists".

Lets be one NWO Global economic happy family with one bank and a single currency.

That will save everything apparently.

If the UK and the US are already in recession then what is the point in investing overseas like Asia for example when they are making the bits of plastic that we buy to keep them in jobs [and make them [overseas companies] LOADS of cash] while still paying more or as much as they would cost if they were made in the US or the EU despite the fact that the labour force who made this computer i type on in Asia for a subsistence/slave wage when if there is no investment here !! that means we cant buy their fucking bits of plastic because there are no jobs here because the Govt/globalists have fucked the economic system and the whole thing collapses !!

Its globalism that sent all those jobs overseas in the first place.

Its no use investing in them unless we are invested in first as we put the [scraps of] food on their plate.

Lets create a credit bubble and sit by and do nothing and even actively encourage even more of it and sit by and do nothing even more and then sit back and wait for it to pop and then say we didnt know it was going to happen as it all happened so suddenly OVER THERE and because of GLOBALISM and INVESTMENT OVERSEAS !! it affects the UK as well in just the same way.

We clear the WW11 debt with the US in 2006 so what do the US do and the stupid [W]Bankers/govt here go and do ??

Buy more debt from the US and stocks in poorly regulated Investment/Ponzi houses !! etc etc[foreign investment/globalism] instead of keeping the now freed up cash in THIS country instead of OVERSEAS therefore stopping the UK/US economy becoming as interlinked as they are now because of OVERSEAS INVESTMENT !! which means that if they fall we fall and if we fall everyone elses falls because of GLOBALISATION !!

So you cant invest OVER THERE before investing HERE to create the wealth to invest THERE.

They cant buy the goods they produce OVER THERE because they cant afford them or at least the workers cant so overseas investment right now is pointless.

Chinese workers are already facing unemployment en masse and are being sent home packing.

How has Globalism improved the lot of the average Asian worker apart from all of them leaving the land like another industrial revolution and working endless hours in factories with NO employment rights for a pittance ??

I would prefer to live off the land or hunt and gather.

Thats Globalism.

We put Asia where they are today and without us they would not have succeeded economically and if we stop buying then they all go back to subsistence farming.

The Globalists have done Fuck All to improve the lot of the worlds poor.

They dont give a FUCK.

Fuck it .

Globalism is an ill conceived disaster waiting to happen.

I have yet to hear a convincing argument for Globalism.

All those G20 cockroaches will be having another of their "summits" in /april that will be held behind closed doors.

Create unemployment here and impose it on an already debt ridden economy and you have economic slavery.

ANY chance of the people being bailed out ??

Can the Bank of England bail us out from "New" Labour and Gordon Brown and the rest of the Brownite Fucktards ??

Monday, 26 January 2009

Desperation and hardship:

I can smell it and feel it in the air everywhere.Its already becoming more visible.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Question time with Gordon Brown :

You need an unspecified amount of time if you fancy a go at this.

You may even be there all night as Gordon doesnt really like answering questions.

As an example it took 8 attempts at least to get an answer to a question about the state of the UK economy during an interview on the today Programme.

"are we in an irreversible decline that will lead to a depression ?" etc etc and each time Gordon digresses and changes the subject and it attempts to steer the conversation away just like a liberal always does.Its either denial which is typical or its guilt or its the fact that he knows something we dont and doesnt want us to know

Its probably all of these and more.

So even when the UK is on the brink or has actually gone over it you still cant get a straight answer from our unelected PM.

Sometimes someone just needs that little extra something that helps them remember or keep their minds focused on the topic in question until they choose to answer which is why you need lots of time.

The PM needs interrogating.

Alistair darling was almost painful to watch when interviewed on Newsnight.He will and did try and blame it all on the US [while this govt did exactly the same thing] as its all their fault which is partly true [Democrats] but otherwise its Gordon Browns fault for using the same economic model/pyramid scheme as the US/Federal Reserve.

Did the US force the UK to bailout bankers ??

Dont think so .The blame game doesnt really get very far.

"We are heading into the worst economic disaster ever seen" or something like that and at this point Alistair sounds like he is giving the interviewer a ticking off.

Still its all wasted time asking either Gordon Brown or Alistair Darling for solutions or answers because they dont have solutions and you always get the wrong answer when you want the right answer.

There is something a bit creepy or odd about Alistair Darling as there is with all of them.

Gordon Brown saves the world.

Gordon Brown couldnt save a cup of coffee.

These Morons are going to fuck up everyones life and the misery they will cause will be untold.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Here we go:

Obama pledges to cut the CO2 emmissions of the US by 80 percent !! and collapse the economy even more but create millions of green "jobs".

Participation is mandatory.

"Lets make things better again - Obama will heal the world -

Lets make things green again - Obama will heal the world -

Lets make things great again - Obama will save the world -

Lets spread freedom and happiness and poverty.

We are going to work together and unite and follow our great leader and implement the great 4 year plan.

Heating the home is now illegal.

If you see or hear anything suspicious report it to your nearest community project leader.

Where does this idiot plan on getting a GDP from ??

Where will the cash come from in a *depression* to fund the internal security green Brownshirt stasi force ??

Abolish the constitution and make him the great leader for life.

Sounds like a plan to get a country out of a depression doesnt it ?

The US will get no foreign investment either.

Who wants to invest in green Socialism ??

Bad investment as it will only result in failure.

Thursday, 22 January 2009


This economic crisis is a SCAM.

There is NO need for taxpayers to bail out banks as it was computerised money that was never backed by real assets of any kind.

These banks should be made to go under or get taken over and troubleshooted like any failing business or wipe the slate clean.

Vodafone were writing off 6 to 10 billion a year in losses without running to the govt for help and bailouts.This happens all the time with large companies but all of a sudden its save the banks -save the banks-save the banks as if we cant survive without the parasites feeding off us the whole time.

Whats the big deal about not doing an asset write down of the banks ??

This is a scam that has been perpetrated on us by the elites and bankers etc to turn us all into little serfs who will be in debt to them forever.

Print the worthless cash but stick it on the taxpayer because they wont admit the scam that the cash doesnt come out of the economy and balance sheets but out of thin air or a computer screen.

Create debt out of thin air while giving away the worthless cash with no clue as to where it is going to and into whose pocket.

Debt keeps YOU right where they want YOU.

The Rats are jumping ship and bailing out [and being baled out] and feathering their own nests and its all the finest champagne etc where they are celebrating.

Wake up docile little Sheep and start getting annoyed .

NO pointless stupid rioting though Thank You .

Rioting is for MORONS.

Dont be a victim all your life.

The Fuckers will pay for this.

Globalist Hegelian Dialectic plays itself out while you all dance to its tune oblivious.

Worldwide Ponzi scam.

Biggest ever.

WHY should WE go through all of this for NOTHING ????

Multi-generational debt/tax slavery.

Get rid of all of the Global Warming Scam / UN globalist crackpot cult members who want to drive countries into obscurity to stop development and progress so they can keep you down and collect taxes from you until everything is taxed out of existence and unaffordable.

Not many bailouts in Europe and they dont seem to be following insane inflationary policy.

Collapse the two main economic /military superpowers .Destroy their influence and economic power and bring them in line with Europe to form one economic bloc ??

Or assimilate the UK into Europe [if only Hitler was still alive....Not that it matters as his biological offspring [singular] is doing her bit for German Imperialism.

"I love to listen to Wagner when i type...]

The Ride of the ValkEUyries...

Nafta will happen with the US, Canada and Mexico and they will be aligned with the EU Bloc.

Russia will not participate but the EU and the US [Nafta] will try their hardest to make them.

Ips and 2ps are not even made of copper alloy anymore as they are made of some sort of substandard cheap iron with a sort of spray on copper plate and when they are buried or submerged they corrode and disintegrate in no time at all.

This is good because they will drive detector users mad like ringpulls otherwise.Cancel out Iron.

This has been going on since 1993 while the copper is slowly taken out of circulation.

Not happy with the new designs of UK currency that only shows little bits of the heraldry etc with no regional references and the omission of Britannia for the first time ever.

Another small part of the slow , stealthy and insidious destruction of the UK.

The Queen is in on it all as well but i might have to still be proved wrong about this.

If it all fucks up i have had a half decent time of it and cant complain then whatever but i prefer self determination rather than living someone elses idea of the future that they have mapped out.

Good night everyone.

Sleep well and remember that this nightmare will stop as soon as you wake up and say enough is enough .

Its decision time.

No one has to take this crap.


Dont think for one second that conservatives will take us out of the EU or propose a referendum on the |Lisbon Treaty or stop the UK from paying cash it hasnt got on EU subsidies because IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

There will be a change in economic policy though and they are usually better at it but far from perfect.

There is NO other difference between the 2 parties anymore.

The same with Lib/Dems.Token "Third Way" wishy washy liberal "we will do anything and go with the flow to get the votes" pro EU party that will replace the disgraced "New" labour party.


David Cameron is yet another pro EU mole and look who we have here .....Ken Clarke who is also heavily pro EU and who is fresh out of being primed to take over [next chancellor] from attending last years Bilderberg meeting.Bilderberg meetings take place under Chatham House rules as do Common Purpose meetings.

So what we have here is NO change and thats the way its meant to be.

Just the way YOU like it .

Elections are pointless unless independent candidates stand .

Welcome to the post - democratic era.


This is the face and look of a political and economic failure.

I cant explain why but i find myself almost feeling sorry for him in a way.

But not quite.

He has just been doing what he was told to do.

All used up and washed out and getting visibly older by the day.He knew what he was involved in but still a very sad sight.

I cant feel hate for him though.

This is what being weak and doing what was politically expedient does.

Gordon is a Moron because he sold off all the UKs gold reserves some years ago for 250 £ per troy ounce !!! and hardly anyone noticed or commented or thought thats a bit odd - a country with NO gold.

This is what happens when you get lazy and complacent and dont pay attention to politics like you all should have been doing.

He will be scapegoated but he is only low level Bilderberg and a lackey for Globalists.Chewed up and spat out by those who put him where he is.Another fall guy like Bush.

This is all the proof you need but i dont really think its good enough that this sellout Moron who pushed his failed vision of a more liberal UK should be allowed to get away with it.

Either what is happening now is the end result of failed liberal policy or the potential economic collapse of the UK is going to be the end result and when that happens it will result in every Liberals wet dream coming true when the state siezes everything and we all in turn will depend on the Govt in our hour of need.

This is the end result that they have all worked so hard for.

Liberals want everyone to be the same and since they hate self reliance and self determination they want everyone depending on handouts and state control and ownership of everything.

What could be "fairer" than that ?

Everyone ends up skint.

Thats fair isnt it ?

Everything has to be fair and equal in their stupid little naive childish idealistic bubble that they live in.

Liberals hate self determination and self reliance.They hate anyone who thinks for themselves.

This is the face of someone who knows that he is in serious deep Shit.He needs to be arrested and cross examined like the rest of failed traitors in "New Labour".

He knows the game is nearly up.

He knows he is going to be held accountable but he will do it "for the greater good".

Some think that he is an agent of the EU and others dont.I do believe that myself.

Apparently from what i know the Establishment as it were will not allow Brown to scrap the pound and join the Euro.He is and always has been watched by the intelligence community [like all of New Labour]and by the best minds in the country and there will be an exposure of Brown etc and a payback before this country collapses.Apparently this is the case and it should happen sooner rather than later.

He should be removed from office.

I believe and [almost] know that "New" Labour systematically set out to destroy this country in every way possible so it can be swallowed up by the EU and become just another state within a superstate.This was the plan and it has very nearly succeeded but a lot of us know exactly what is and has been going on.

They thought they could distract everyone with cheap easy money and an economic boom all built from credit and it was like a trap and everyone fell for it while at the same time they have been busying themselves with selling out the identity and sovereignty of the UK as they dont want it to be self governing as the EU want to take over all that.

Not so much stealing power [although they have done their fair share of that] but more like giving it away to the EU.

I am not a Nationalist per se and i dont have any problem belonging to an economic community either but i do have a very big problem with being taken over and losing the right to self govern and self determine especially when its being done by stealth and when it is against mine and everyone elses self interest.

Its nothing more than a hostile takeover by a load of third rate globalist garbage who wouldnt even get a vote from anyone apart from their own deluded Fucktard followers within their own stupid little hive mind if only we were given the chance to vote the fuckers out of office.

We can all look after ourselves thanks very much.

" Every one will be the same and we can all live happily ever after and their wont be any more wars and we can all be one big happy family with the all powerful autocratic - we know better than you - Totalitarian state watching over us all.We will all be so happy and the big govt will give us everything we need from the cradle to the grave."

No more voting or perhaps just a token vote for the one party state.

"Vote for your next "Leader" who will work hard for you and represent you in the Totalitarian EU one party state !!"

Loyalty to the party will always take precidence over individuals right to just about anything you can think of.

You will all get treated like children as thats what you are to them because Liberalism is politics for little children.

"Are you paying attention Citzen Smith - EU database profile no:9898498464646546546+546514 [assimilated 22/02/2010] ??

When a country collapses Democracy goes out of the window.

This was probably all planned at a Bilderberg meeting.

Get all this trash out of office now.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I asked these idiots 2 to 3 months ago to provide their proof [details of the transaction etc etc] that i owed this money to Paypal.

Since they should [but in their own words they dont have] have all of the details regarding any debt that they are attempting to recover and should serve it to the debtor BEFORE debt recovery procedures commence therefore allowing adequate time to dispute it or pay up.

This is standard legal practice.

If they had done this then I WOULDNT HAVE GOT this stupid bullshit letter that tells me nothing and also means that they have not done what i asked them to do and which they agreed they would do.

They said that they would request and forward the info from Paypal.

"We have referred the matter to our clients and they have agreed that the outstanding balance is 145.08"

Well i knew that already 9 weeks ago or whenever which is WHY i asked them to provide the details FFS.

"If you still maintain.." Of course i fucking still maintain.Why shouldnt i ? nothing has changed.

In legal terms creditors are legally obliged to provide the evidence that the debt they are attempting to recover exists and is correct and then serve it.

It is incorrect and illegal to request that i produce documentary evidence to support my claim.I cant produce evidence to prove that i didnt make that transaction because if something never existed then i cant prove it did.All i have is a paypal [in credit and active] account and ebay account.I am not making the claim.They are and they have to defend that claim with evidence.You cant file a claim without having and providing evidence and details.

"Documentary" evidence is a paypal/bank account with no record of the transaction .

I am just querying a [false] claim as i cant fight a claim unless i see the evidence or proof that supports their claim.

When i see the evidence of how the debt arose and from where and for what and from when i will either pay it off [if it exists] or file a counterclaim to their claim as i am disputing it but i want to know exactly what i am disputing against.

They are saying that if i cant produce "Documentary" evidence to support my claim then tough shit.

Extortion = Illegal.

All of a sudden i have to disprove a negative.

Fucking idiots.

If they worked within the law this wouldnt be happening.

They will have to provide details or i wont pay and i dont have to unless they do so.Since they are Paypal and insist that the money is owed and they should have the details then whats the problem ?

I require all of the relevant details/"documentary" evidence AGAIN this time within 14 days .

Alternativly i could do it their way and send a letter that says "I have referred the matter to myself and i have agreed with myself on behalf of myself that the outstanding balance is 000.00 GBP".

I have no interest in making calls on profit sharing - rip off - extended call 0870 numbers either when an email will suffice which will be sent via their sales/marketing depts who will then forward it to where it needs to go.I cant reference anyone within the company who sent the letter as they havent left a name.

These are my proposals.

This will all prevent further recovery action taking place.

If they still wont do this i will fire off a cease and desist letter from a lawyer and deny them implied right of entry and then if they want to make a case of it they will have to get a warrant and go through the courts and file a claim like everyone would have to .

Laws have been relaxed recently regarding bailiffs etc so but they can still be stopped if you know the law as they rely on your ignorance to get away with it to a large extent.

Theres pages and pages of stuff all about these Cowboys online but they are mostly full of shit as this letter shows as an example.They employ thugs to collect and intimidate but i have a feeling that this is the wrong sort of door they should be knocking on.

They have ignored my request and turned it around and then thrown it back again so this is like going round in circles.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Anonymous Pet Spammers get called out online !!

What a shame i forgot to include the headers in the screenshot from the email i was sent by Blogger that was a notification that the faceless anonymous shithead spammer posted more SPAM.

I believe that i have your full attention.
You are not doing yourselves or your little company any good if this is how you go about generating business.

BUT wait !! Look at this !! [As you know negative publicity is very good for business.All publicity is GOOD remember ? especially if its going to get maximum coverage like you are saying]

"Publicise your company or business here for nothing on Peter Wolf"[after providing the usual info like names, details,company name ,line of business etc and proof that you are genuine and not spammers etc]

See ?? look at that generous offer !!

Its an open ended offer to you until you respond.

I dont want your fake shit website going to the top of a website search.Get this blog up there instead using your know how .If you understand business then i dont need to say anymore.Its a shame that you have all chosen to have such a bullshit attitude.

Why have fake when you could have the real thing ? Fake is never quite the same is it ?

You would have to pay a lot for PR of this nature.

You publicise me for nothing [without ANY abuse or insults etc etc you know the sort of thing, ,dedicated websites ,inflammatory derisive material against myself,using my name without my consent, referencing without prior consent etc etc] and i will publicise you for nothing and provide a link to you from here.This could work well if you want it to ....

The path ahead stops but has 2 paths leading off it and its up to you which path you choose.....

Think carefully before choosing.......

[I/we are launching a website and possibly a forum so theres plenty more of this from myself and many other contributors.Some known and some unknown.Factual articles,satire,opinion,humour,art,whatever.I do have good contacts and the contacts have good contacts so i can spread publicity.]

Anyway on with the show >

Comments are *approved* and *moderated* before publishing OR deleting stupid.I delete abuse but comment wont be deleted but because of the recent spate of abuse of my place here i have no choice but to have to moderate comments.You give people an inch and they always take a mile.

Comment received today for moderation from my little pet Spammers and Trolls who still choose to remain anonymous:

"As you will be deleting our comments like the shithouse that you are, you will be making yourself sound convincing to whoever may be reading your posts. How will others judge you?
Easy, they will see you as not having the guts to leave those posts by us up, thereby giving the reader the chance to judge.

It's all about you isn't it?

No worries. All your drivel has been backed up and will appear on a special website dedicated to you. Unlike you, we have knowledge of SEO techniques that will put us if not at the top of google rankings, then very near to it. Giving us all the exposure we need to give you all the exposure you want,but haven't got the intelligence to get.

Keep watching wolfy. "

Put your name up then ! .You know mine so why cant everyone know what yours is ? Post it and i will publish it if its genuine.Explain why i or anyone else should care about who you are.

I have asked you time and time again to publish who you are here and you have still yet to respond to that.

This place IS all about me.

In the meantime post who you are so that everyone will see you put your money where your mouth is.

I await your response and the case against you grows and now that you have given away your intent in your comments this post will serve as a disclaimer [for now] against any harmful garbage that you may post about me that uses my name ****without my consent**** ,that is dedicated to ,or impersonates or whatever.Your comments can be traced and if you post a website it can and will be removed .Or you can pay to use it.I will copyright anyway.Name and material.

When you do dont forget to post a link here and i will promise to publish it here so that everyone can be directed to go and look at your SHIT website that you have created.

Free publicity from an anonymous shithead[s] WHO STILL WONT POST HIS [their] DETAILS ONLINE !!

FREE publicity even if its your kind of shit is still GOOD publicity !! and publicity is what i want but i dont want any old Shit.Make sure that you create the website from scratch with working links etc etc and have it individually designed and created.

It had better be good.

NO free templates etc etc as they are easily recognisable and look Naff.

If its not up to scratch [content or visuals] then i will have it removed and i will give you plenty of feedback about what i think.

What are you waiting for then ??

Off you go ! Go get to work on it !

No time like the present !

Looks like i have got you all working for me for nothing and i dont have to do anything !!

A whole website that is full of your retarded comments that you cant post here all about me !!

Go on you little anonymous Shithead Respond.

You know you want to and wont be able to stop yourself.

You post the relevant checkable info about who you are that *Proves* exactly who you are then i will publish every comment that you wish to post here.If you didnt have an attitude problem i would let you post as much as you like

If you werent a coward you wouldnt hide behind anonymity [not for long] would you ?

Everyone chooses to be unpleasent when its so much easier just to play nice instead.

Its the naughty child syndrome.

Is everyone enjoying themselves ?

Good because i sure as hell am.

[You are not liberals are you ?? Just curious....Israelis ??...]

Monday, 19 January 2009

Comments moderated :

Do you get this ?

It means your comments will no longer appear onscreen EVER.

Game Over.

My rules here idiots.NOT yours.

I delete you because i am tired and bored with your shit that you pollute this place with .

Thats pissed you all off hasnt it ? Great so in the meantime Off You All Fuck.

LMMAO at the home PC internet jockeys who make idle cowardly threats !

Be seeing you soon ?

Stupid little Monkeys playing a stupid game of lets pretend.

You people these days just think that you can do what you like because no one has put you in your place.You all think its the wild west where there are no rules and no consequence for your actions but you all have a lot to learn and you will get hurt sooner or later.

Threats make me lose my patience and you wont like that as i can get a little overexcited when that happens.

Small fish get eaten by bigger fish.Its the circle of life.Know your place in it.

Anonymous Spammers:

You keep commenting and i will keep deleting.
[I dont usually talk to garbage]
You might feel clever posting your shit abusive comments because you know that there isnt much i can do apart from that but i fucking guarantee you one thing and that is if you were standing in front of me no matter how many of you there are you wouldnt be mouthing off like you are doing and that is absolute guaranteed FACT and i would be laughing at the shower of inadequate POS standing in front of me.

Anonymous.Thats what you are and thats what you always will be so enjoy.

"I wonder who anonymous is ?" - "Who cares - probably the usual trash you get everywhere on the internet.."

Its like being infested with Cockroaches.

Council Estates:You comment that i come from or live on a council estate as if its a term of abuse.The fact is i dont and never have and i have lived in places that you can only dream about and it was fucking great.I had it all and enjoyed it but you wouldnt know what thats like would you ?

Working and benefits:The fact is i have worked hard for 20 years and i dont even know what the inside of a dole office looks like and thats why i am getting somewhere in life and you are most probably not.

As for the rest you are nothing and i am someone .Your posts say it all and show only too well the kind of 3rd rate illiterate, illeducated losers and garbage that you show yourselves up to be.

This is why there is a rubbish bin in the lower right corner of each comment posted.Its not there for nothing.

You sound angry and bitter and frustrated so what is it like ? I only ask because i have NO idea what it must feel like being yourself and how it must feel each day when you get up to continue your pointless worthless existence.I bet the future is really bright for you.You might as well kill yourself now and end the suffering.

Transferring your hopeless inadequacy onto me wont get you anywhere.

Like i say keep commenting and i keep dumping you in the trash where you belong.

The irony of Losers and cowards who post abusive SPAM on someone elses webspace and then call myself a loser.You wouldnt have thought of that yourself .I wouldnt give you that much credit.

Are you all from a background of abuse ? It seems that way to me as you all keep coming back again for more.

You all sound like Chavs to me.None of you can even swear properly.You abbreviate your English and post in text speak so i know what you are alright.Learn to speak and write correct English instead of illiterate drivel.You definately sound thick .No question about it and thats why you are who you are and its the reason why you are where you are today.People who are thick usually dont realise it so i hope you dont mind me pointing it out.

Go to Youtube where you belong.

Whos next for a kicking ? Theres always some dumb idiot who doesnt know whats good for them.

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Free "Tall -[small]" Starbucks coffee to anyone who signs up for Obamas volunteer/national service corps from Wednesday through to Sunday for those who sign up in store beginning 20 jan.

Free "Tall" Starbucks coffee to anyone who signs up instore to campaign and write to Obama demanding an end to corporate bailouts of fraudulent financial institutions and criminal Banksters.

Free "Tall" Starbucks coffee to anyone who signs up instore to campaign for freedom and the preservation of the US constitution in its entirety.

Free "Tall" Starbucks coffee to anyone who signs up instore to campaign for the right to bear arms and the preservation of the second amandment.

Free "Tall" Starbucks coffee to anyone who signs up instore to campaign for the resignation , arrest and criminal investigation of the board of governors of the Federal reserve.

Free "Tall" Starbucks coffee to anyone who signs up instore to campaign for the total cleanup of Govt.[Starbucks should expect a low turnout for this campaign because the majority of people prefer it the way it is and are stupid.]

Free "Tall" Starbucks coffee for anyone who signs up instore to keep their mouths shut and "Unite" and actively participate in the wholesale destruction of the United States as we know it to be for a time of not less than 4 years.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

House down the road :

This house always reminded me of the house in The Amityville horror.


Tony Blair ,Gordon Brown ,Barak Obama have a philosophy that Palestinians should accept whatever deal they are offered by Israel and the West because they are Palestinians and are therefore third rate so they are only fit for Israels leftovers and are in NO position to make demands.They will let Israel do whatever it likes.

I havent heard much from that Cowardy Spineless POS Brown apart from a mumbled stock reply of condemnation for bombing the UN.I havent heard much from any mainstream politician.

America is arming Israel with hundreds of containers of arms including chemical weapons by the end of January.This shipment = 325 20ft containers.The previous shipment back in december was for 989 20 foot containers.Most probably nearly all used up by now.

Yet Hamas have to disarm ??

NO slant towards Israel of course.

50% of the population of Gaza are below the age of 14.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Google search:

Why wont this blog appear when i do a google search ?

Every other F-ing Peter Wolf does but not mine

WHY ??

Are blogs second class compared to websites ? Are Google search results tiered and are first and second class?

Whats the problem here ?

Its not satisfactory and i want this problem fixed so i will get some advice as this is starting to piss me off now.

Theres a solution to this like there is for everything and i mean to find it and i will not stop until .

The internet belongs to everyone and i want my share of search results.

This has got something to do with Google most probably because i am not paying for web space like a website or a domain name.Google probably dont like the content.

I will fix them.

GGGrrrrrrrr I hate things like this.

The Big Freeze:

Jewish Rabbi speaks out against Israel :

Link :

[because of some problem with Youtube i cant embed videos and i cant be arsed with pissing about with it]

I wonder what the ADL and all the other Jewish Zionist Lobby organisations think about all this free speech all over the internet ?

Theres nothing they can do about it.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Bank of England gets licence to print worthless money :

Its official."New Labour" adopts Weimar style monetary policy by letting the BOE print as much cash as it likes within certain parameters i am told but potentially this will lead to hyper inflation exactly like the US.

You know that your country is fucked when this happens .Its not such a bad thing if its temporary and is controlled and a debt is NOT passed onto the taxpayer but thats unlikely to happen and about as unlikely as the government handing out free 50 quid notes en masse.

Shameful :


Israel sends text messages to warn you that you are going to be bombed.Leave the building and go outside and get caught out in the open when it starts raining White Phosphorous.

"Only we have the Chutzpah to do this !!"

One of the JewTards in the video is complaining that its the Holocaust all over again regarding persecution of Jews.I have to ask WTF she is talking about because i am not aware of 6 million odd Jews being exterminated recently and i see no evidence of any persecution of them going on anywhere otherwise i would have known about it and so would everyone else and if that was the case she would have a legitemate claim of persecution ,imprisonment,ethnic cleansing /extermination but since Jews are not persecuted anywhere then i would say that she is talking utter garbage.

Its more like "WWWaaaaah !!! I am Jewish And they cant say that. We are being persecuted AGAIN !!"


Stupid Bitch.

Its their get out clause they use to try and silence opposition when in reality they are slowly becoming the new Nazis or rather the Zionist political cause is.The criticism and condemnation of Israel/Gaza and the recent offensives are a condemnation of Zionism which is a political/religious ideology and has NOTHING to do with race but it is about religion.They are trying to flame hatred for Muslims so its only fair that their religion should be criticised and if they werent behaving in the way that they are then no one would be attacking them so they bring it on themselves.

The irony of all this of course is lost on them all.

George Monbiot:

He is OK and i do read his Blog and articles but i just wish he would stop rabbitting on about "Runaway climate change" and Carbon Emissions as its unfounded spurious nonsense and really he ought to know better.

Dont believe the hype.

What about Solar Activity ? The giver of life ? plus the fact that Solar activity is currently at an all time low [in recent times anyway] regarding sun spot activity yet you hear hardly anything about it.

Bollocks to social control/engineering via the UN/rothschilds and various other very very very rich "Philanthropists" as they like to call themselves [surely a contradiction of terms] disguised as enviromental alarmism.

Fuck them all.

Al Gore is a stooge.

[A philanthropist" I:E the Rothschilds etc etc are people who think that by virtue of being extremely rich and powerful and influential think that this gives them the right to play god as it were and decide who lives and dies in the future and what kind of population control measures they can implement via the UN and other organisations that they fund.They think that they own the planet.]

I know what lets take out the Trash and Garbage like them and improve the planet.Get rid of the parasites that feed off death and misery and destruction.

We are the host body and they feed off everyone.

What i wouldnt give for 5 minutes alone with that Beardy junior Rothschild MF who fronted Live 8.

Where the FUCK is the "Global Warming" that i was promised here god knows fucking when ??

I am fucking sick of having to pay for fucking heating and shivering and having to wear more layers of clothes and hats and living in a shit climate for 10.5 months of the year so give me some fucking "global warming" or shut the fuck up.

The credible opinion about this matter plus credible evidence is suggesting that we are going into a cooling period and perhaps another Ice Age but theres NO money in that as taxes and social engineering wont stop an Ice Age.

Its fucking Liberals and Communitarians/Globalists etc etc who are pushing all this Bollox.

You have ALL been scammed.

"Turn off that AGA at once !!!" Why dont you turn off your fucking mouth you hypocritical whining bleating Fascistic gullible little MFs.


Lily Allen :

Whats so good about her ?

Average non descript talent.She sings [a bit] and is totally shallow.

What has Keith Allen ever done ? The only worthwhile thing he has done was The Yob [the comic strip presents] otherwise he is just a chancer.

So what ??

"All my friends take Cocaine and go to work and its no big deal and its not a problem !" or something like that.

Boring.Cocaine is the most boring drug in the world and i cant stand the type of people that take it.If they werent so shallow and inadequate with a defecit of personality and character then they wouldnt need to shove Shit up their noses anytime they can.

Cant stand her at all.The epitome of Myspace culture.

"I want to be shallow - I want lots of friends - i want lots of clothes - I would love to be pretty - I want lots of love and i want to be funny - i want lots of shoes - i would like to have money - I want to have brains - I want to have talent - I want to write songs but my music's all Bollox...."

Myspace kills music.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hilarious picture :

Gordon used to be a bit of a hit with the ladies apparently.This picture must have been taken when he was a young naive and gullible radical leftwing student who probably thought "one day i will be prime minister and i will sell out the UK and destroy its sovereignty".

He looks a bit freaky in the picture what with the heavy oversized jawline and the rather faraway look in his eyes.Funny eyes as well.The hair is just wrong and looks like a syrup and actually the head looks like it has been cut and pasted onto another body very badly as its badly off centre.It does have a bit of a look of photoshop about it .Still someone has to be at the back of the queue when looks were given out.

It also looks a bit like one of those pictures you see in the background of have i got news for you.


The effects of White Phosphorous :

I was going to post pictures [from Gaza] of the effects of this substance upon civilians but i thought better of it .You have to see it to believe .Its not for those of a delicate disposition.Luckily i am not of a delicate disposition regarding that sort of thing.

White Phosphorous is a chemical weapon and its use is banned yet it is being used in heavily populated areas that compose mostly of civilians.

This is Sick and its going to harm UK/US relations far more than Iraq ever will.

The UN "urges" Israel to stop the offensive but it doesnt warn them to stop and neither does anyone else.They arent going to and dont have to listen to the UN and NO ONE in the West is going to threaten Israel in any way at all.So this can only end in one way and Olmert wishes to continue.Israel will bomb them into submission while the west sat by and did nothing.

This is going to breed hatred but Israel doesnt mind at all.

Not so much as fanning the flames of extremism but more like throwing gasoline over them with the inevitable consequences of more attacks on the west leading to god knows what.

Now referring back to just prior to the US elections Senator Joe Biden [same party not opposition and many others] spoke of an unspecified or unknown event that was likely to happen from approx second week of January or a short while after the inaugeration of Obama when he will "Be tested..." or something like that.They all seemed to be very certain about this which was news to me [pretending to be naive] as i always thought that things just happened.

Extraordinary comments and i have no exact idea what they mean.It could be bullshit or are events booked up in advance ? A lot of evidence says yes and if you take the comments literally then thats what they mean .

Without having the exact details of the event in question you could be forgiven for drawing your own conclusions and thinking that if it did happen it may have something to do with Israel and the conflict in Gaza.Either it will be a result of the political fallout and attacks from Arab/Muslim extremists or something executed and planned by Mossad.

I have finally washed my hands completely of mainstream politicians apart from those who are in a minority who have spoken out.

The rest of them can go to Hell and its like i was saying.

Oh and by the way Bush never tried anything on to steal the elections or anything else because changes oof power are usually pre arranged by the powers that be behind the scenes by mutual agreement.The election which like i said earlier was really a forgone conclusion partly because of the campaign and partly because those in the background like Brerzinski were already in position and making changes to military spending.Us foreign policy WILL NOT CHANGE under Obama.

Obama is already marked because of Rascists and Nutters etc but if he doesnt defend the Palestinians he will lose all of the respect and loyalties that he has with the Arabs as they will feel betrayed.

Its a dangerous game.

The Secret Service have their work cut out for them.

Bush and co have made their billions out of Iraq and will continue to do so even out of office.

Bush and the rest of them will be marked for the rest of their lives and will live in fear of their lives.They will all have contracts out on their lives and its just a case of who gets to them first.Unfortunately there are those much higher up the food chain than them who will get away with it just like they always do.

Bush is off to South America apparently as Texas is too close to home for when the shit hits the fan in the US as it surely will and then the Hamsters will get very angry and unpleasent.Bush is and will be set up as a scapegoat for everything as he is stupid and the perfect fall guy.The rest of them will go to ground and go into hiding as well.Its impossible for them to disappear unless they change their appearence which they wont as they are all too old.Bush does have Blackwater security to back up his personal security when he leaves office.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Criticism of Israel:

If any of my views here are misconstrued by anyone as Anti-Semitism by anyone then i will suggest that they familiarise themselves with the strength of feeling of a LARGE percentage of the Jewish community [including Orthodox Jews] who reflect my views posted here.

They are very angry indeed but the media chooses not to report this as there is a rolling media blackout or media programme of propaganda going on that is all Pro-Israel.

Israeli land grabs:

Its worth watching Al-Jazeera if you want a more balanced view of what is going on in Gaza.

Israel have been targeting medics within Gaza plus there have been incidents where Israel have been targeting Aid Convoys .

This isnt really what you define as war when there is no discrimination between Combatants and Non-combatants.Its more like Genocide.

Whatever happened to Rules of Engagement ? They dont seem to apply to Israel.

The UN dont seem to have any juristiction over all this either.

The worlds political community ought to be ashamed that they are allowing this to happen.I watched footage of the US congress that featured various members of it shouting out their hysterical blind mindless support of the Israelis offensives.

Quite sickening really but exactly what i expected.

How anyone can look at the picture above and see what is happening and not condemn it is totally beyond me.

Someone i know who is a US born Israeli was saying that Hamas are making the situation worse as they are a Muslim organisation wheras previously Palestinians were always secular.I dont believe that this makes a scrap of difference personally as Israel will not stop until every bit of land is under their control and the Palestinians are either evicted or wiped out.

The world political community has NO credibility anymore as far as i am concerned not they ever had much in the first place.

The political community dont reflect the strength of feeling against Israel that is being generated by all this from outside of the political community.

Last of all yet again the US media is trying to overstate the case for US airstrikes against Iran.

If i remember correctly we have been through all this before with Iraq with a military campaign against another country based on spurious "intelligence".

Monday, 12 January 2009


This is definately no coincidence ? but something has definately changed here and the whole drawing process has become so much more fluid and effortless compared to previously.They must have jiggled the braincells around or cleared the neural pathways through the brain that were being created by the learning curve.

Interesting stuff really but psychedelics are never a plaything .I hadnt taken any for years and deliberated and waited until the time was absolutely right to take them.Treat them with respect and personally the thought of buying Magic Mushrooms is abhorrent because part of the experience is the connection made with nature when picking them as i have my special secret places where i pick.

I never expected this as an after effect after taking about 20 which is nothing.

I always thought that Psychadelics are an intellectual drug rather than mindless drugs like cocaine etc.

Apart from half a dozen trips i have always avoided drug use generally as i am out of control enough as it is apart from last years mishap caused by thoughtlessly ingesting a large amount of certain substances that had unprecedented side effects but never the less made for a very interesting experience.

Israeli firework display:

Israel denies that it has been using White Phosphorous against the Palestininans and instead claims that it has been lighting fireworks over Gaza inbetween its airborne offensives to provide some light relief and entertainment for the Palestinians who have been under seige for the last 2 weeks.

I made that up but the Israelis are denying that they are using it when the photo proves otherwise.

Israelis deny everything if it suits them because they know that they can get away with it.

They are denying that the Israeli military are burying dead Palestinians into mass unmarked graves.

David -Sellout-Tony blair MK2 - Cameron has commented that trade embargos/ not buying Israeli goods is Lunacy [or words to that effect] and is "Damaging" and "worrying" and that criticising Israel "can lead to anti - semitism".[Yawn].anyway at least he has the courtesy not to say IS Anti - Semitism.Anyway theres nothing to see here apart from another career politician who will promise "Change" in the next election.Another career politician who knows what side his bread is buttered.

There will be NO referendum on the Lisbon Treaty when David Cameron is elected.

Quoted from a news article regarding the above statements:

Speaking to around 500 MPs, peers and party members including former leader Michael Howard and Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague, Cameron warned that solving the Israel-Palestinian conflict would not stop problems in the rest of the Middle East, �It is naive to think that solving the peace process will stop roadside bombs in Iraq.�

David Cameron also states that Hamas are not a legitemate political party despite the fact that they were democratically elected.I could say the same about "New Labour" or the conservatives because there is hardly any difference anymore and David Cameron knows this only too well.

Personally i dont think its naive at all as Israel/Palestine is the root cause of virtually all of the anti-US/the West feeling in the middle East and Arabs worldwide.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Irritant !:

There is nothing more irritating than Youtube music videos That stop and start and stall.I flick through music videos to listen to while working and it annoys the hell out of me when they do this.

Caption competition :

Condoleeza Coconut Rice :
"You cannot expect to fire rockets into a heavily populated area and not kill lots of women and children"

"You will have another shipment of arms from the US in 3 days.In the meantime try not to waste any.Make every bomb kill and maim as many Palestinians as possible.Send in land based forces and operate a shoot to kill policy."

"If it moves and it isnt Israeli then shoot it."

"Shoot Women and Children first !."

"I love the smell of White Phosphorous in the morning !."

"Palestinians out !."

"The US will support Israel regardless of the rights and wrongs of the situation"

"We want to wait and see what happens but in the meantime kill as many Palestinians as you can"

"It is clear that it is Hamas that is the aggressor here and Israel is acting in self defence"

"Do what you like ! We dont care !"

"I am a sellout to the entire Black race !."

"I have deep rooted Psychopathic tendencies !."

Henry Kissinger:

"It is clear that the situation is very complex so the time is right for a NWO to emerge"

"We must seize the opportunity to impose a NWO on the subhuman Goyim"

"We will create the problems and the solution will be a NWO"

"I want to see a NWO be imposed before i die or my lifes work will have been a failure !"

"Globalism/NWO is a political solution even more stupid than Communism !"

"Who will continue "The Great Work" after i die ?"

"Globalism is an utter failure !"

"I am a dirty murdering, manipulative, lying, POS Trash and a Failure !"

"The Palestinians are subhuman garbage that should be exterminated."

"Tell me where you want your next war and i will start it !."

"I also have deep rooted Psychopathic tendencies !"

"I am a Megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur !."

"I am the cause of at least half a dozen different wars and conflict follows me where ever i travel !."

Saturday, 10 January 2009


I can have ALL of this material removed *completely* and *permanently* off the web any time i like if i so wish.All i have to do is ask.

Thats that out of the way.

Anonymous Spammers:

Heres a post that you can comment on and tell everyone a little bit about yourself as so far you have contributed NOTHING except a lot of Bollox of which NONE of it relates in any way to the topics in question.You talk a lot but you dont really say anything.

So fire away........

Who are you and why should i care ?

Everyone is watching and waiting......

Cue insult - abuse - insult - abuse - insult - abuse..............

[The more you insult the less credibility you have]

Talk is cheap when you are typing in front of a PC isnt it? and i am already breaking my own rules by replying to you but i sort of enjoy it really despite the fact that it isnt really fair game so perhaps i do actually need to grow up a bit instead of replying to your lame juvenile comments.If you are an inadequate or have problems with low self esteem and frustration then i might be able to help you or refer you to someone else that can .

I might do it for nothing because i feel a bit sorry for you as it must be tough being as low down the food chain as you are.

Think "I am not a worthless waste of space and oxygen - I am someone who can make a difference and make a contribution"

Say this out loud or think it silently like a mantra.You will receive what you give out and its the secret to a happy rewarding and fulfilling life.You are not pissing me off but i would find it surprising if you havent pissed anyone else off with your attitude.Having a pop at others that you dont know is a sign of deep personal insecurities and lack of self fulfilment.Be less judgemental of others and instead get to work on yourself and your own back yard.

As for your concerns about my mental health etc or needing to be medicated then i am all clear and my temper is something that runs in the family to a certain extent and there isnt any need for medication and sometimes we argue and fight but we always kiss and make up as its routine and my mother is very tolerant and so am i which is why i am being very tolerant of yourself.Its not a concern of yours to be honest.

Anyway never mind all that what are your thoughts on the conflict in Israel / Palestine ??

How would you feel if you were living there [in the Gaza Strip] and the Israelis were leaflet dropping from the sky telling you that their hostilities are going to increase ??

This post also gets archived too so you can archive this in your own little file on your PC because the material here is non copyrighted and i have no objection to anyone storing any on files etc because i could sit here and write all day with no effort on my part and if my opinion or posts annoy you then it means i am doing something right especially if i have attracted my own personal Troll.

In the meantime have fun but remember that i can and will bite.Not because i am annoyed but because i enjoy it like a Cat enjoys playing with a Mouse.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Newspaper/broadsheet music/album reviews :


Does anyone take them seriously ?

Train fares :

I havent ever sworn at or got annoyed with anyone who deals with the public in a shop or whatever until the other day when i was buying a train ticket .I should have dodged it because i dont see why i should pay 13.20 for a single to London from Brighton and then have to pay 20.80 for a single from London Victoria to Brighton.An identical journey except in reverse on a different day.

"Here you are have some more money and some more and some more fucking money.Fucking rip off scam.".

I felt like throwing at her as i was incensed.

4 quid for a single on the tube is a scam as well.The trick is to walk right up behind someone who is going through the barriers and if you are quick enough then there is enough time to get through before it closes.London Transport must be going bankrupt through loss of fare revenue on their bendy buses.They must be stupid providing a service that is so easy to cheat.You just get on and off like a free service.


Some uptight Moron in Knutsford has proposed the banning of men wearing shorts in Knutsford in summer.

WTF is the problem ??

I have 3 words to say in reply to this proposal and that is Go Fuck Yourself.

"Unseeming and ghastly !!" "An eyesore !!" "Even in boiling hot weather shorts are unacceptable"

Theres fuck all wrong with my legs and if i want to wear shorts in summer in Knutsford or at any time then thats what i will do thanks.

Womens legs are an asset to the town and they can wear shorts because thats ok so he says.

Its outright sexism and body fascism and i will not tolerate it.

I am sick of sexism towards male clothing rules and they can all fuck off like black tie events.I hate them.

Women have problems with Speedos.They have a point [up to a point] as they only suit you if you are athletic looking but i dont see why they have the right to say they shouldnt be worn.I would have thought they would appreciate it.I dont ask or TELL them to NOT wear very skimpy swimsuits and to hide their Tits.

Come to think of it a lot of women look bloody awful in swimsuits/bikinis and shorts and i have seen i dont know how many awful womens legs and bodies.

Fucking cheek of it all.Its none of their business.

I hope none of these uptight English [and Yanks] go to hot countries or the tropics as they wouldnt like it.

I wouldnt ban the guy who made the complaint from not going out because of his face.

Same thing but he is hardly whiter than white as he is a criminal lawyer who has probably represented god knows how many guilty criminals so he really should just shut his mouth.

Theres always someone trying it on.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Rumor has it that the latest offensive/wave of aggression courtesy of Israel is because they are unsure of where they stand because of the political affiliations of Obama [Muslims,alleged terrorists,Arabs not to mention the oppressed in general] and the changeover to the Democrats although as far as i know little will change regarding foreign policy plus the strong pro Israel /Zioinist/dual nationality Israelis within his cabinet not to mention the power and influence of the Israel/Zionist lobby who own US politics and who owned the Neocons.

Israel are striking now before the changeover because they fear that the Obama administration will be more pro Palestinian than the Neocons are/were and therefore more likely to be less tolerant of Israels aggression and more likely to rein them in .

Personally i think this is unlikely but time will tell but Obama is caught between the two and its a case of divided loyalties and if so Obama will more likely be pro Israel but if in the instance he isnt then he will need to increase his personal security massively as he will be in the firing line and if Mossad want to get to him then they will regardless of the security as Mossad are second to none when it comes to this sort of thing.

If he wants to live he will side with Israel and the chances are he knows this already.

Any politician who tries to abolish the Federal Reserve will get shot/asassinated like Kennedy.

If someone pops Obama then Joe Biden [a committed Zionist] will take over or possibly Hillary Clinton.They all know the score.

I think the Israelis want this over with very soon unless it escalates but thats unlikely because conflicts with Israel never seem to last very long.

Its also worth remembering that Hamas are not a very pleasent organisation when dealing with members of the opposition parties and they are far from being perfect or even a reputable political force but they pale in comparison to Israel and its terrorist activities regarding the US and Mossad.

Israel has been patient and has been subject to a sustained bombing campaign but the effects of that have been minimal.

Israel is using depleted Uranium ordnance which is a bit dumb because the prevailing winds are blowing the dust and fallout back into Israel.

Israel is trying to push the Palestinians out because they want the land to complete the process of cleansing it [that region] and to develop it and build a resort like an Israeli Las Vegas.They want to complete their ownership of the coastline which is occupied by the Gaza Strip so that the remaining territories that are Palestinian controlled are completely surrounded by Israeli territory and land locked so that they can cut off all supplies of arms etc to the Palestinians and eventually drive them out completely because the Palestinians will be effectively under siege by Israelis on all sides.

Personally it would be a lot simpler to let them have half each by drawing a line across it from the coastline halfway down across to Jordan .

There are oil/gas reserves off the coast in the Mediterranean apparently and the Israelis dont want to share it with Palestinians.

Thats as much as i know.

The Human League :

I had a dream this morning that i was a New Romantic [I was too young at the time] and i was with someonwe else who looked like or was Phil Oakey complete with lopsided hair and it was soundtracked by Marianne which is a track off the Holiday 80 ep.

And that was it.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy 2009 !!

Will there be happier subjects to blog about this year concerning world events and politics ??

I very much doubt it unfortunately as i am a realist as well as an optimist but to be an optimist without a healthy dose of realism is pointless.

There are a million and one other happier more positive subjects to write about but i feel that these matters are more important and need commenting on.

Popularity ? Fuck popularity.No one is popular if they speak the truth.I dont know the meaning of the word as i have never [ok it has been fleetingly experienced for a few minutes !!] experienced the phenomena of popularity as it constantly eludes me rather like a meaningful relationship with a partner of the opposite sex.[I need a female equivalent of PW and there arent very many around.she would be a rare and beautiful creature if she exists !]This is all getting a bit Morrissey-esque so enough already.

Perhaps another blog is needed to comment on art , nature ,film [on second thoughts perhaps not !!]comics,GNs + comic art [much needed],food,positive thoughts,the little things in life that are free ,history,folklore,music, living,humour,satire inner thoughts , the list is endless.....

I feel that there is a lack of balance here and things are getting a bit one dimensional and its just one long rant but its necessary as more or less everywhere i go no one is saying anything about these matters.

In the meantime i cannot just sit back and not comment on the injustices and criminality that i see going on today.

Its a dirty job but someone has to do it.

However it is something of an art to be able to be aware of all the negativity that is around and still be able to find inner peace,contentment and happiness dsepite it all.

"Happiness - Happiness - The greatest gift that i possess ...." sang Ken Dodd and how right he was.

Isreali truce :

The Israelis are allowing a 3 hr window [daily] in the senseless violence that they are inflicting on Gaza to allow humanitarian aid through and to allow relatives of the dead children and women to pick up the pieces as it were before it all kicks off again.

Perhaps if they could increase these windows to 24 hrs and then 48 hours until the window of non violence is increased to 365 days a year then we might be getting somewhere.

There will be NO peace in the middle east until there is a recognised Palestinian State and the Israelis stop using Palestinians as slave labour.

Not to mention Israels illegal nucleur arsenal plus the activities of Mossad.

Zionism which is a political sytstem/ideology and NOTHING to do with race [just so you know] .

I was going to comment on Talmudism until i realised that i am totally out of my depth on that subject so its best left alone.The Talmud does contain some very negative material but so does the Koran and so does the Bible and i prefer to keep away from the subject of Religion.

All 3 ideologies breed psychopathic behaviour.

Also if anyone wants to play the blame game which really is quite correct and considering that the buck always stops somewhere then the buck stops at the house of Rothschild.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Pink Moon :

I was watching the Moon out of the window last night and it was a pale pink colour and this is the first time i have ever seen this in 41 yrs .


I dont quite see why the US has to pay billions into Israel each year when they have their own economy and they are not exactly short of cash themselves.

Seems a bit odd really as its like giving aid to a country that doesnt need it.

On a slightly related note i heard a while ago that there were more Jews leaving Israel than others going to live there due to their distaste of the current regime.

Its also worth remembering that there are also Jews that are living in Israel in poverty.

Tony Blair says that an immediate ceasefire is possible if the supply of arms into the Gaza Strip are cut off.Surely it makes sense to apply the same logic to Israel as well ? It is a little more difficult to apply because Israel has a huge arms industry, not just manufacturing but also the development of them and no one it seems wants to address this issue.

So here we are back to the same old story of one law for one and a different law for another which is counterproductive and so on and on it goes.

However Mr Blair is saying that a recognised sovereign state of Israel is the only solution plus an immediate improvement to the living conditions of the Palestinians.Hamas who are a democratically elected political party will not renounce violence until Israel does the same.

Israel are just pissed that they dont have a large stretch of coastline of the mediterranean and the Palestinians do not to mention their warped Judeo-Christian religious philosophy that requires them to cleanse the land that they occupy through bloodshed.This is their main reason and justification for their behaviour.

I still cannot get over the fact that the Palestinians/Hamas in Gaza are described as "Militants" yet Israels military are described as "Forces" and not "militants".

Its a contrdiction of terms really and i detect a slant here that is saying that Israel is a legitimate force and the Palestinians/Hamas arent.

As an aside i have been informed that Tony Blair is to be awarded the Presidential Award of Freedom by George Bush which is the highest award that can be given to a civilian.

Fuckers they are.

I wasnt aware that you won medals and accollades for lying and starting illegal wars and occupations and for finishing George Herbert Walkers Bushs dirty business.

I wonder where Saddam Hussein is now ??

I ask because i have reason to believe that Saddam Hussein has not been hung or executed and is living in exile somewhere.............

[A lookalike was hung and even that is debatable because the whole hanging scenario was a farce and totally unconvincing.I am pretty sure that his sons including Uday were captured and executed.That WAS NOT Saddam Hussein who crawled out of that rabbit hole.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Alderley Edge Cheshire:

Went for a walk here today with my dear Mother who likes it here.Its full of legends and folklore and i know it and i remember the book and kids TV programme [IIRC] that i have vague memories of watching called The Wierdstone Of Brisingamen.It is a series of sandstone outcrops and a highpoint that stands alone amongst the flat plains of Cheshire.Alderley Edge itself as in the small town is by far and away the most expensive location in Cheshire but i also think that it is the most overrated.Its nothing that special as the high st is nothing to write home about but it is just a name to drop and is home to 1st division footballers like an enclave.

I could spend all day there but it was beautiful today as we had a sprinkling of snow.

You pay up to 3 million for a detached house yet you get a Somerfield as the local supermarket.

Somerfield is one of THE worst supermarkets but over in Knutsford we have Booths [sort of the same as Waitrose.Just as good] instead so its Knutsford - 1 Alderley Edge - 0.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Israel :

It seems like those nice Israelis are using white phosphorous.

Enough said but after all they are Israelis so that makes it alright really doesnt it ?

In NO WAY is Israels use of force in any way disproportionate.Not at all.Thats because they are Israeli White Phosphorous Shells.

Istraeli land forces have crossed the border into the Gaza strip and are now occupying parts of it but thats OK because the Israelis can do what they like cant they ??

Hamas are "Extremists" , "Militants" , "Terrorists" etc etc while Israel despite the fact that they seem to have NO interest in cease fires,peace settlements ,concessions,plus their disproportionate use of extreme force against the Palestinians can do NO wrong and their actions are entirely justified because they are Israelis of course.

The UN cannot agree amongst itself a consensus about Israels use of excessive force and use of White Phosphorous [despite the fact that they themselves have declared its use to be illegal] which is NOT IN THE LEAST BIT SURPRISING but it doesnt leave much to the imagination what the UN and the US etc etc would have in mind if Hamas were using White Phosphorous against Israel.

We all know why that is dont we ??

If the population of the Gaza Strip were collectivly bulldozed and pushed into the Mediterranean after a sustained bombing campaign then that would be alright wouldnt it ??

The Israelis would probably love to do this and build themselves a beautiful coastal resort once those annoying Palestinians have been disposed of.

Dick Cheney approves of the actions of Israel of course and he probably sits at home watching the footage that the western media WILL NOT publicise over and over again on his own giant screen TV.He enjoys this sort of thing apparently.

Israel could use its own illegal nucleur warheads against the Palestinians and Dick Cheney would still defend the deployment of them.

You dont even nedd to be pro Palestinian to see that the actions of Israel are immoral and reprehensible.

more on this later.

Back for more now:

Anti - semitism : Dont anyone try accusing myself of that Shit here.I am not "anti - Semitic" [incorrect definition anyway] and i am not anti Jew in any way shape or form so let that be the end of it.I have had Jewish friends,i still have Jewish friends and i have no reason to have any kind of dislike for ANYONE who is jewish despite the fact that terrible things are happening in the Gaza strip as i type.

The problem i have here with the state of Israel is WHY ?? a solution to this problem is really so difficult when to an outsider its plain obvious.That solution is a recognised state of Palestine and even better than that - integration.

Lets break this down into a very simple analogy :

My next door neighbour is annoying me by playing his/hers music far too loud over and over again.In the end my patience snaps and i go round and knock on the door.The door opens and i smash his/hers face in or give them a torrent of abuse.


This is exactly what is happening right now in israel as i type.

Alternatively i choose not to do that but instead i choose to enter into dialogue with my neighbour in an attempt to be reasonable and diplomatic.I am a firm believer that most if not all problems with someone else can be solved by engaging in dialogue instead of physical violence.Personally i do not condone violence and i would much rather find a non violent solution to a problem despite the fact that if violence was the chosen route i would Win anyway.Thats not the point though as i would rather compromise myself than go there.I prefer a live and let live attiude to others as everyone is different and ultimately we all have to co exist together so we can all get on with the business of living and getting on with our lives.

So i talk to my neighbour and i explain the problem and how it is affecting my life.My neighbour listens to what i am saying and thanks to my diplomatic skills and the fact i am going out of my way to be reasonable my neighbour understands the effect that his behaviour is having on my life and we agree between ourselves a compromise and a solution is found bearing in mind that i have no wish to impose anything on my neighbour that is beyond common sense and being reasonable.We both kiss and make up as it were and live happily ever after.

Its all quite simple really and i should know because I WAS the noisy neighbour in reality and my behaviour was affecting my neighbours [true fact - same situation in real life except in reverse]yet once i was alerted to the problems i was causing i changed my ways and the problem was solved with no hard feelings on either side.

Dont tell me this isnt possible as i know what i am talking about as i have had plenty of experience with physical violence and confrontation and probably more than you have ever had [probably] and i have been in violent situations with thugs and i have ended up making friends with them even after violent altercations SO IT CAN BE DONE !!

There is NO need for HATE and there is no need for killing.We can all get along IF WE WANT TO !!

Regarding Israel : I compare Israel to a damaged abused child who has never been shown or experienced love and compassion.What Isreal needs is counselling by someone who can empathise with their situation and can offer solutions that dont involve violence and death and destruction.

There has to be a better way than that.

I dont hate Israel for what they are responsible for as hate breeds hate and it gets us nowhere.Lets instead stop the violence and crack open a few cans of beer and lets talk about it.Lets find a solution.Lets stop the violence as it gets us nowhere.Lets find a way where we can live together IN PEACE !!

Why is this so difficult ??

Why do we need to continue a cycle of violence ??

"Death is the silence in the cycle of violence - in the cycle of violence - death is the silence etc etc"

It has to stop and really its a very sad indictment on the world community that this has gone on for nearly 60 YEARS !!! and its a sad indictment on the failure of politicians WHO DONT WANT TO MAKE CONCESSIONS !!! on both sides of the fence which means that the bloodbath continues to this day.

For FUCKS SAKE give it up !!

Israelis are not going to go away and neither are the Palestinians and in this case i will point the finger at the israelis and say that they are 80% responsible for the mess we see today.YOU ARE GUILTY of gross violations of human rights AND YOU ARE GUILTY of what YOU WERE SUBJECTED TO by the Nazis and YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER !! and YOU NEED TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE !!!

You were nearly wiped out en masse by an inhumane regime [the Nazis] BUT TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE A RIGHT !!!

By that i mean that the Gaza Strip is the worlds largest concentration camp with an inmate population of approx 1.5 million who are kept in inhumane conditions.

You cant trade on the past forever and you have to move on from that to move forwards.Objectivity is needed here to solve this problem and if the extremists in the ADL dont like what i am saying here THEN TOUGH FUCKING SHIT !!!

Truth hurts.

I tell it like it is and truth hurts but you cant hide or shelter behind your Jewishness forever.

Now i do realise that the Israeli government dont represent the views of
all Jews and i am pointing the finger here at a minority of Zionist political thugs who are nothing more than a bunch ofwarmongering thugs who have NO interest in peace but who are only interested in DOMINATION.

By the way there are plenty of young Israeli conscientous objectors and they deserve and need everyones support.

The fact is though you are just making things worse for yourselves in the long term and the fact is you are a disgrace to your race/belief system and i point the finger mostly at those of you in politics and in Banking.You know who you are and so do i.

You are a disgrace to yourselves and you are a disgrace to all other Jews of whatever description.

You are the ruination of the worlds economic system and you are the ruination of world peace and prosperity.

I have run out of words right now but the Israeli government and the Jew zionist bankers who have very nearly destabilised the entire planets economic system are an ABSOLUTE FUCKING DISGRACE !!!!

If they dont like being told this then tough fucking shit because i dont give a fuck as i tell it like it is and truth hurts.

Everyone is sick of you.

Shame on Shimon Peres as sometimes you have talked reason and common sense but you are one big disappointment as i thought better of you than this.

Fuck the Anti - Defamation - League. You have been defamed.

Fuck Bernard Madoff

Fuck Henry Kissinger.

Fuck the entire board of directors of the FED

Fuck Alan Greenspan.

Fuck Bernanke

Fuck Paulson.

Fuck Neocons

Fuck Gordon Brown

Fuck Dick Cheney

Fuck George Bush who wont condemn Israel.

Fuck John [syrup of figs]Bolton [yes its a wig!].

Fuck Zionist propaganda and the mass slaughter of innocents.

Fuck illegal jewish landgrabs.

George Bush/Neocons set a very dangerous precedent by illegally invading Iraq and getting away with it [retro-active immunity] which leads us to where we are now.

Fuck the feckless , toothless , corrupt , inhumane ,hypocritical spineless amoral politicians/lackeys who do nothing but serve Israeli interests and sit by and do nothing while the FED wrecks/scams the USA [not to mention the rest].

Fucking load of criminals.

FUCK you all.

Fucking disgrace and may you all reap what you sow.

Fucking load of fucking cunts.

Palestine doesnt have F16s or Tanks or White Phosphorous or any of the rest.

This ends.